A Walk In The Park.

Here are recent pics taken during my short break this past week of M bonding with her father. I think we tend to underestimate how important it is for children to spend quality time with them.


This way dad.

This way, dad.




M has been practicing her walks in full force. She has yet to fully let go but is getting there. I finally learned to relax because I was a little tense as to why she wasn’t up and running at 10 months. Of course you have her dad not even flinch of the idea of her not getting around to walking- another reason why kids need their fathers-to balance out the anxiety that moms tend to have for their kids (hehe). She was turning corners and directing us all over the place.

Her verbal and socialization skills are amazing for a 16 month old-she initiates by asking me to “walk,walk”. She was waving at park goers and flashing a grin at those who were watching her. When she plopped down she got herself right back up with ease.

Speaking of parks, the one we live by is our main hang out here in this neighborhood. It was one of the reasons why we bought our place where we did. The proximity of the park to our home is almost as if we have our very own backyard in the city-it’s not too big and small enough to call it our own. We love it.

So with a new season will come a whole new set of changes and before you know it, we’ll be taking those long walks with her along the lake shore.


  1. HI cutie!!! Adorable! I agree – dads always know how to calm down mommies.

    Don’t worry about her walking… friend of mine has two kids and one of them didn’t start walking until she was 19 months old. Now she’s almost 4 and won’t stop running. 🙂
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  2. Last night she wanted me to put on her pink maryjanes and walk around. She walks as long as I am holding her hand. She turns corners and backs up like nobody’s business!

    Climbing slides,stairs,couches,pulling herself up on EVERYTHING, etc, forget it, she is unstoppable-she can be a ninja now if she wants to be 🙂 Doing yoga poses is her forte too. So she is on her way!

    My primary doctor’s daughter didn’t start until 17 months. And you would think doctors of all people would pass their smart genes so kid can walk earlier. Nope, they go at their own pace 🙂
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  3. She is so adorable! And she will be running around before you know it! How cool that you have a park and the lake so nearby!
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