Anniversary Date Plus One.

This year’s anniversary date was a unique one for us. Usually we try to get out of our neighborhood and go somewhere downtown or in the West Loop. The menu choices were always the same: Pizza (hello we are in Chicago after all!), pasta, burgers, repeat. Last year, we had a babysitter (hi grandma!) so stepping out while leaving the little one for a few hours at home was no problem.

This year, we stayed in our neighborhood of Edgewater due to our circumstances but it still turned out better than expected. First of all, October came so fast at me that I didn’t have time to call grandma to babysit (wop wop). Plus the hubby’s crazy (and I mean craaaaaazy) work schedule also didn’t allow for us to postpone it to the weekend. Lots of strikes against us this year.

But fortunately, thanks to city living, we were still able to pull it off  but we had to bring the kiddo,which was fine by us, because it has been MONTHS since we had a good ol’ family meal outing. And I mean months despite the unlimited choices of restaurants around us.

We have a huge Ethiopian community in our neighborhood which means quite a few Ethiopian restaurants just on our street alone. So we headed over to Ethiopian Diamond which was a mere hop, skip, and a stroller ride away. Never tried Ethiopian so it was our first time.


The cool thing was it was pretty empty inside so we felt like we had the whole restaurant to ourselves, which helps when it comes to lugging this City Select stroller into these places.

The menu alone was a trip, trying to decipher what was what on the menu. The waiter suggested an array of meat and vegetarian samples that comes with injera, which is a flour less and yeast less flat bread which was basically your utensils. That’s right. No forks, no spoons, no knives-just your hands and your injera. You can imagine how excited M was and I can picture her thinking how fun it was that mom and dad are eating with their hands too!  Of course of all days it was cloudy and looked like it was going to rain. We sat by the window but it was still dim inside so pardon the blurry pics.

Probably the most healthiest thing I have ever eaten. And the coffee wasn't so bad either.

Probably the most healthiest thing I have ever eaten. And you can’t leave without some Ethiopian coffee.

Getting her injera on.

Getting her injera on.

So mission accomplished for anniversary date 2013! This city is big and you tend to forget that you have plenty of places to choose from right in your own backyard. Sometimes it takes certain situations to realize that. Plus, I think we are ready to move beyond the Michigan Ave/Touristy/Downtown phase, which we still love but there are SO many options in these other neighborhoods that we often tend to overlook them. I know if I ever move out to the suburbs I won’t have a chance to head up to these little neighborhoods spots so might as well take advantage of them today.


  1. I’ve never tried that cuisine but I definitely want to. You are so fortunate to have the selection of restaurants available that you do. We’re in a VERY small town and it’s limited to one Chinese place and one Mexican place. And that’s IT!

    It looks like a great meal, and a great time for your sweet family!
    Shana Norris recently posted…Monday Listicles :: Top 10 Favorite Songs from Your Senior Year of High SchoolMy Profile

    • I do have to say we are pretty lucky, sometimes it’s overwhelming! I tend to take advantage of it sometimes because I live here which I’m trying to change that-I came from a small town so we had none of this either.
      Deanna recently posted…Anniversary Date Plus One. My Profile

  2. Chicago has such great neighborhoods and neighborhood restaurants. It’s hard to choose!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…Choosing Your House WineMy Profile

  3. Yeah, anniversaries aren’t quite the same once the kiddos arrive! :)) At least they are cute! 😉

    I used to live in Lincoln Park and I loved having all the different restaurants and their cuisines all around me… lucky girl!!
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    • Kids change eeevvvvverything! Sheesh! 🙂 But it was so cute having her first Ethiopian meal and I love taking her out for meals, she enjoys it I can tell!

      I feel spoiled living by so many options, will be really hard on me when I move to the burbs one day, I can see it! lol.
      Deanna recently posted…Anniversary Date Plus One. My Profile