I Have Been Nominated For The Sunshine Award!



As I plop down on my computer to catch up on my writing after going on a short hiatus, I was pleasantly surprised and flattered to see that I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by the sweet and fun fellow Chicagoan Mo from Mocadeaux!  She writes about celebrating with family and friends, and just life overall. She also writes about her extensive knowledge of wines which I find impressive! California is treating her well!

With this award comes with 10 questions that I need to answer about myself. I looooooooove doing these!  🙂 Here I go!

1. Where were you bornI was born in Northwest Indiana, just over the Illinois border.

2. Do you prefer romantic comedies or suspense thrillers? Hands down romantic comedies. I don’t like mushy sentimental movies either so romantic comedies is such a great mix.

3.What is your favorite sport? Definitely Soccer, or as they call it around the world “Futbol”. I played in high school and I grew up watching my brother and father play too. I still have my Umbro shorts somewhere.

4. What is your favorite sound? My favorite sound is the crashing waves of Lake Michigan along with the seagulls. It’s such a perfect harmony of sound that really relaxes and soothes your senses. Sorry- I have two! Also, the sound of the train going over the El tracks-it just seems to be the pulse of city living here.

5. Coke or Pepsi? Although I try to avoid pop at all times, I did cave in for a Cherry Coke the other day, and nothing is better than Coke in a glass bottle, so Coke it is!

6. Do you have a special talent? I studied Balkan Folklore Dance from elementary school up to graduate School. It was a great work out and the music is very beautiful to dance to, nothing like it.

7. PC or Mac? Mac all the way!!

8. What is your favorite vacation spot? Canada has to be my favorite vacation spot. I have been to Toronto, Niagra Falls, and Montreal. I love how it’s so close and yet it still feels like you are in Europe. It definitely has some global flavor to it despite it being in North America.

9. Do you collect anything? Not really, unless you count nail polishes, I have tons!

10. If  you could instantly be an expert in a field, what would it be? Fashion Design. To be able to come up with different clothing pieces and present them to the world has got to be an amazing feat.


So there you have it, 10 things you may have not known about me before. Thanks again Mo, for giving me the opportunity in answering these fun questions!







  1. Congratulations Deanna !
    Divya recently posted…Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!My Profile

  2. Great job, Deanna! I loved learning more about you! I love the sounds of crashing waves – it’s just so relaxing. You love fashion design, do you watch Project Runway? It is one of my very favorite shows! I have no talent myself but love, love, love to see those who are so creative and so talented.
    I’m so glad we’ve met and happy to have nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…Do It NowMy Profile

    • Thanks Mo! I really enjoyed answering the questions. I love doing those type of things so that was a great way to get my readers to know more about me too. I am glad we’ve met too-I love Project Runway myself.
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