Five Must Have Catalogs.

Magazines are a great way to catch up on the latest trends, whether it’s for the home, yourself, or your kiddo.

Unfortunately, I find myself not having room in my budget when I go to the grocery store to pick up the latest  issue of Vogue, Martha Stewart, or Chicago Magazine. And I much rather spend my left over dollars on coffee. I think many would agree with me on this. We all could use more coffee, especially when running errands. 🙂

Aaaaaaaand there are SO many out there that it can easily add up and the next thing you know your grocery money is going to People Magazine, InTouch, and Harper Bazaar. Not to mention all those food magazines!

Here is a great tip that I have discovered on my own which really isn’t a revelation but worth looking into-subscribing to catalogs.

First off, it’s free and it can get mailed directly to your home so once you sign up, you don’t have to think about it until it shows up. I find myself having my magazine fix this way at NO COST! A win win all around!

And secondly, a good catalog to browse through with my coffee is a vacation in itself. I know you can browse online but sometimes it is nice to go through colorful pictures in person. And you don’t have to worry if you spill anything on it 🙂

So here it is, my five must have catalogs:FiveMustHaveCatalogs

1. Ikea: This one should be a no brainer. I can spend hours thumbing through this catalog, with its sleek modern and affordable designs that usually have catchy background stories to their items.  Plus, I get to see how the Swedes sort of live which is kinda cool.

2. Pottery Barn Kids: Love. Even if you don’t shop here, you can get cute ideas for your baby or kid’s bedroom among other things.

3. Crate & Barrel: The cool thing about requesting a free catalog from here is that they will also send you advanced notice of their sales. Score! 🙂

4. H&M: The Swedes have done it again. This time, through their budget friendly and fashion forward trends for every member of your household.

5. American Girl: Whether you have a kiddo or not and whether you have sons instead of daughters, this catalog is a lot of fun to look at. And if you DO have  young daughters, it is a good way to bond together, grant it that she doesn’t get too attached to every item in there and starts asking you for all of them (hey, don’t blame me!). I grew up with this catalog and only owned a couple books from there so I well understood that I was not able to have all the items in there.

So there you have it, my five must have catalogs worth subscribing to! Grab all five of them for endless browsing fun.

If you have any particular catalogs you subscribe to shoot me a comment below, I would love to know about them!

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