My Do The Laundry Music Playlist.

Chores. We hate them. But we gotta do them.

For me, the way I can get through them is to play music in the background. It motivates me and it doesn’t feel like a chore as much when I am listening to some good tunes.

If you have checked out my About page, you know already that I am into House music, especially the underground Chicago style that put House music on the map. If not, well, now you know!

Just to give you a mini history, House music was invented in Chicago in the early 80s. Disco died out and House was its “cousin” that was the new kid in town. Disco music influenced a lot of House music actually and you can hear disco elements in many of the subgenres of House.

Speaking of subgenres, there are tons. The majority is more familiar with the techno/club anthem type genre. In Chicago, there is an underground scene that the majority won’t know about unless they hit up some of the smaller venues such as Green Dolphin and Smart Bar.

The type I love is Deep House, which is more ambient, and a lot less techno-ish than some of the stuff that is out there. There are some disco elements to this type of House too, which was big during the early 2000’s, along with some soul and jazzy elements that can be dubbed as lounge music. I think it’s safe to say you can even break down Deep House into subgenres too which I won’t be getting into or we will be here all day, as much as I would love that . 🙂 It’s still popular today.

My favorite House artist is from Chicago-wife and mom of a toddler (really!), Dj Colette, which I have met! If this blog goes big I definitely am going to try to interview her for my site! Do you think she would go for it?

Ooooooooook where were we, I can go on and on about House music, really! It’s my fav. 🙂 My daughter, from what I have observed, loves this music as well. She moves with the beats, it’s so cute!

Anyways! Here is a playlist of songs that can get you through laundry day. Don’t worry, I won’t be turning your laundry room into a night club.

Well, maybe a house party at least.  🙂



1. “If This Ain’t Love” by Groovejet (Dj Spiller’s Extended Vocal Mix)

2. ” Sing It Back” by Moloko

3. “Breathe” by Telepopmusik

4. “What Would She Do For Love” by Dj Colette

5. “Life Is Waiting” by Samantha James

6. “Surrender Your Love (Jask’s Original Mix)” by Jask/Jocie

7. “Around Here” by Ian Pooley

I don’t want to overwhelm you, especially if you have never heard of House music before or just never have listened to it. I will definitely be posting more playlists with this genre in the future. Enjoy!

And if you want to read the full history of House music, check it out on Wikipedia’s site, it’s interesting: History of House Music.


  1. I’m always interested in new music. I’m definitely going to check out your suggestions! Music does make all chores better – kind of like the 7 Dwarfs “whistle While You Work”. They were really on to something!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…This Old Lady Loved Bloggy Boot Camp MinneapolisMy Profile

    • They sure where! It’s so much easier to get through them when you got good music in the background.

      There are many many House Djs that stemmed from Chicago that are just phenomenal. Dj Colette happens to be my favorite and is originally from here too. She has a new album out and it’s GREAT! Check her out and the other songs are great too 🙂
      Chi City Mom recently posted…My Do The Laundry Music Playlist.My Profile

  2. Never heard of house music before. I would like to try it out. I love music, I hear them while doing chores as well , mostly while cooking. The food comes out so good when you are happy.
    Divya recently posted…Minimalist MondayMy Profile

    • Oh you are SO missing out! It’s a whole different world of music,there are tons of style that fits for everyone young and old,that is what I love about it! Let me know which one is your favorite on that list.

      And I totally agree that when you cook the food comes out better, when you mix music in while cooking, it takes the experience to a new level.
      Chi City Mom recently posted…My Do The Laundry Music Playlist.My Profile

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