Halloween 2013

Sorry for such a late post, but I was spending my evening yesterday celebrating Halloween with the kiddo. The weather in Chicago was pretty bad-rainy and windy. Luckily, my building had Trick or Treating followed by a Halloween Party in the lobby so I didn’t have to step out in that weather whatsoever.

Picture taking lately with the kiddo has been challenging. One minute she doesn’t mind posing, the other minute she is covering her face. Also, there were tons of other kiddos at the party too but she seemed to not want to let go of my hand whatsoever.

I was trying to take photos at the party but if I let go of her for one second,she immediately scrambled to hold my hand again. She just turned 17 months this week so hopefully this stranger’s anxiety will phase out soon. I noticed once she warms up with someone she lets loose but not when she first meets you.

So what was her costume this year? No other than Minnie Mouse! She didn’t seem to mind wearing the ears.






So this Halloween wasn’t a total washout. Plus by next year, Halloween will fall on a Friday. She will be almost three by then. Plans are to head to my parent’s neighborhood in the burbs. In the city, it’s a little tricky trying to go Trick or Treating. It can be even trickier trying to meet new families. Celebrating Halloween in my building though, allowed me to meet quite a few neighbors with kids and we were able to exchange information, which was nice.

Hope you had a great Halloween! Now on to the next holiday 🙂





  1. Such a cute mini mouse:)

  2. Hahaha right? Thank You! The ears kept falling off though, I don’t know how many times!
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