Celebrating Milestones With A Twist.

Happy Monday! We get an hour extra this week! Although I am not happy with it getting dark earlier now, at least we get an extra hour since we had to turn back the clocks. That means an extra hour of sleep. An extra hour with our loved ones. An extra hour to catch up with our chores. An extra hour of baking.

And I can NOT believe it is November already! Where did October go!? Next thing you know, we are going to be ringing in the New Year!

I received these photos this past weekend from my mother in-law who lives in Macedonia. Whenever a milestone takes place, my culture celebrates it big, meaning, with food of course! My daughter, if you recall from my past blog post, finally started walking this past month. She is definitely making her way around now with NO help from us!  In the Macedonian tradition, you celebrate this milestone by making baked goods, also known as the toddler’s prestapulka (press-ta-poolka). We are going to be receiving these goods real soon here as M’s grandpa gears up to fly in and visit us. Can’t wait!

This first item is kind of like an Easter Bread, filled with nuts, and raisins.




She also made her some cookies. SO cute right?


And of course, you gotta celebrate with Baklava too.



I have been dealing with M’s erratic sleep patterns lately. She has been going bed late, waking up late, and skipping naps. I am so flustered and have no idea what is going on. I tried everything. When I put her down to sleep she would fall asleep  but then wake up 20 minutes later and stay up for another three hours! I did read somewhere that when they hit big milestone such as walking, they can’t sleep because they are too excited from walking. Who knows. Or it could very well be another growth spurt. I pray this phase passes soon and fast. With this time change, I am expecting it to help her go back to her normal sleeping schedule. We’ll see I guess!

So how do you celebrate milestones in life? Any in particular that stand out? Would love to hear them!