My Push For Longer Maternity Leave.

So this past September, I have  officially worked for a full year since coming back from maternity leave. And let me tell you it’s been rough.

Trying to balance this whole working outside the home and then working in the home has been challenging until this day.

And my international friends and family are in awe and disbelief that we only get three months maternity leave.


Me during Maternity Leave in 2012.

Me during Maternity Leave in 2012.


Why are they are so surprised? Because pretty much the whole world gives mothers at least 1-3 years before they have to head back to work. Fathers also get a generous paternity leave. I think fathers get paternity leave here too but it’s like two weeks or something. I am SO embarrassed. Aren’t we supposed to be above this? 

I am not sure why there hasn’t been a push for longer maternity leaves in this country. I know part of it is that we are not a collective state, that most people’s mindset is: “what’s in it for me?” Or “this wouldn’t matter to me at all.” At least to my knowledge, there hasn’t been any mothers or anyone advocating to propose for a change. Probably because they feel their voices are not strong enough.

We have to realize that our future generation is going to be taking care of us, ALL of us, so having the mother be on leave longer than three months to bond with the baby and adjust being a parent would be very beneficial for society as a whole.

I have never really actually wrote to Congress before. Or put together a petition for change. But I think it’s time that I do so.

I am a Social Worker by trade. I advocate for my patients all the time. But I think for once I need to advocate for myself and for all the women who have no choice but to go back to work 6 weeks to 3 months after having a kiddo. I may not see the changes in my lifetime, but maybe for my daughter when she becomes a mother. There are many grandmas that are not as of retiring age yet so it can be challenging for them to watch over their grandkids too, so in turn, this may affect me in the long run.

So if  you hear something on the news about this topic, think of me, I had something to do with it.  🙂

Who’s with me on this? Would you support this cause? What do you think about having longer maternity leaves?




  1. At least you were able to take 3 months… I know plenty of places that only allow 6 weeks. Embarrassing, indeed.
    Glad you are pushing for this!! Just tell me where to sign!
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    • Well the law states that companies have to give you 3 months according to the FMLA act. It is up to them if they want to pay you for the remainder of the leave. My company paid for six weeks through short-term disability and the rest is unpaid AND you pay for your own insurance! It forces mother to go back after 6 weeks for that reason! It’s a trick they use.
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  2. I totally support this cause! I am ashamed our country doesn’t value women, especially mothers. I am passing this post onto Michaela over @ Keep Calm Mommy…she is doing a series on working and stay at home moms. 🙂 -Andrea
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  3. It really is a shame that the precious time for mother & child in the earliest stages isn’t valued more by society. Like you, I have a daughter and I would do anything to make this dream a reality for her. Sign me up!

    • Chi City Mom says:

      It is a shame isn’t it. Many people don’t realize that this can affect EVERYONE-whether they have children or not. These people are going to be our future doctors,lawyers,teachers,etc if you think about it! Thank You!

  4. This is such and important cause. Good for you, Deanna, for making it your mission to push for change. My son was extremely lucky and got 4 weeks of paid paternity leave and was able to tack on 2 weeks of vacation so he was home with his newborn twins for 6 weeks. It was a God send. There is no more precious time than when your babies are at their youngest. Moms and dads should be given that time to bond as a family.
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