Winter Favorites.




The cold finally arrived in Chicago, so I thought I’d post a few winter favorites that will keep you toasty and warm this season.

I have to admit I don’t have the hat and the gloves (yet) but I have been eyeing them. I especially love the purple-they are going on my Christmas list already 🙂

As for the rest of them, they are a must have. Especially the coat. I was taken aback of the price when I first purchased it but I have heard that North Face were known to have warm coats that protect you from the elements. I like this particular one because most down coats are so bulky and not so feminine and this one is not the case. I still feel pretty girly in it. And keeping you warm it does! I get cold very easily, and even if I wear something thin underneath it still keeps you warm even then. In Chicago, you must invest in a good solid winter coat and it is worth to spend more than usual. I utilized this coat from November-March for the past two years and counting. Overall, if you live in a town like me where the majority of the year is cold, then I would invest in many winter gear pieces that will keep you warm year after year.

I have never had warmer boots than my Uggs-ugly they are but I wear them when I know I will be outdoors for a long period of time. And the thigh high cable knit socks should DEFINITELY be on your list of winter gear. They are perfect to wear under jeans or pants if you are not into long underwear. Also, I wear them over leggings to add that extra layer of warmth when going out in a sweater dress. I am planning to buy an extra pair of these because that is how much I love them!

So if you can, get these items pronto. Especially when living in Chicago where winters are brutal. You’ll thank me later.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated to review these items. Opinions expressed here are my very own.



  1. There is nothing as good as Uggs and a full length down coat to keep you toasty warm on those cold Chicago days. Last winter when my daughter moved from Washington DC to Boston (the one place with tougher weather than Chicago!), I bought her the full length down coat and she wears it every cold day as she waits for the train to work.
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  2. This list is spot on! I have a Michael Kors coat that looks just like that and it is SUPER warm and still feminine. I practically live in my Uggs during the winter months! In addition to the thigh-high cable knit socks, I highly recommend fleece-lined leggings or tights. I don’t even mind wearing dresses or skirts in the cold Chicago weather (we’ve already had a few so far!) because those tights keep me warm and cozy.
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    • Chi City Mom says:

      I heard fleece leggings is the way to go! I have yet to get some and would love to get a pair. I recently snagged a pair of winter leggings from American Apparel. Now THOSE are warm! They are made of sweatshirt material so they are nice and thick but not bulky at all,they still look like leggings. You can’t go wrong with Uggs to keep you warm too! Can’t deal with our winters without them.