Small Business Saturday And Some Celebrations.

This past Saturday was the kiddo’s 18th month birthday. A year and a half old already. Time flies!

And today is my birthday 🙂

And what better way to kick off the celebrations than to stop by some local business on Small Business Saturday!

My first stop was to pick up some lunch from  Pete’s. You can get pizza by the slice and calzones to go. It’s my corner pizzeria. My kiddo also loves the pizza from here and you can find us grabbing lunch alfresco style during the warmer months. They also serve gelato.






Next stop was at Metropolis Coffee Company. This is the most famous coffeehouse in Chicago. Many local cafes, hotels, restaurants and coffeehouses in the city get their coffee from these people because that is how good it is. I am so proud that it happens to be in MY neighborhood over here in Edgewater! I am spoiled.

They even do small batch artisan roasting, and have a brew bar. Local artists feature their latest work at this fine establishment. They pack this place almost everyday no matter what day of the week it is. I have to say, I always must put sugar in my coffee but this is one coffee I can actually drink black, so you know it’s good.










Frequent your local mom and pop shops in your neighborhood. When you do, you may be helping that business owner pay for his daughter’s dance lessons, put food on the dinner table, or pay for their kiddo’s soccer uniform. Also, when you shop local you are bringing in money and revenue into your community. The benefits are endless.

Living in this town has inspired my family to open a small business of our own. So I am doing all the researching we can to see how we can get started and hopefully down the road be a part of this.

I am truly fortunate to have many local businesses within walking distance. That is what I love about living here.

And if you are ever in Chicago, please make sure to stop by these places if you can! So many of the touristy spots are advertised and us locals here know the real deal when it comes to the actual hotspots in the city. Local is where it’s at.



  1. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day!

  2. Chi City Mom says:

    Thank You! I got another post coming up on how I spent my actual Birthday! All in all it was a good long weekend for me 🙂