Ask Away Friday Questions with @MommyA-Z.

This Friday, I am participating in “Ask Away Friday” where you pair up with another blogger and ask them 10 questions about themselves. This is a great way to meet new bloggers and get to know more about the bloggers you meet as well.

This week I teamed up with Gracielle from MommyA-Z. I met Gracielle through a wonderful blogging network called SITS Girls. We met through a blog hop. Gracielle and I have a lot in common: we are both full-time career moms, we both live in the Chicagoland area, and we both love fashion from what it looks like!


Read my questions here that she has asked me and then head on over to her site and see the questions that I had asked her! Fun times!

Q: ¬†I saw that you had a burger at Banderas for your birthday. (Happy Belated Birthday!) I’m a former cheeseburger addict, so I must ask – what is you favorite burger joint in Chicago?

A: Thank You! Oh this one is easy-Rockit Bar and Grill hands down! I can eat there everyday if I let myself.

Q: What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

A: I haven’t really thought about it this year, I am wishing for a purple winter beanie from North Face, and maybe some clothes. I shop a lot for my kiddo now that I haven’t really been thinking for myself! Maybe it’s time ūüôā

Q: What are holiday traditions you grew up with that you plan on continuing with your family?
A: ¬†My mom worked a lot during Christmas because she is in healthcare. So before she headed to work we woke up super early like 6am and opened presents before she headed to work. My dad would get us some Dunkin Donuts. It was great because we didn’t have to wait too long to open presents. I don’t know what traditions we are going instill this year to be honest, but last year we did something wonderful that I might incorporate this year. We set up a table the night before and lit a candle, and had a Christmas bread, fruit preserves, wine, and other Macedonian delights. You bake a coin in the Christmas bread and whoever got the coin when we broke off individual pieces from the bread meant that person was going to have good luck for the rest of the year!
Q: I love that you’re raising your daughter to be bilingual. ¬†What other¬†Macedonian culture/traditions¬†do you hope to instill in your daughter? ¬†¬†
A: I was involved with the Macedonian Folklore Dance ensemble when I was growing up. I would love to involve my daughter in this when she gets a little bit older because you really immerse yourself in the culture through the songs, costumes, and different dances from throughout the region. Also, my church is closely tied with my culture so being involved with the church will be another way through their events and Macedonian School.
Q: Hump, dump, marry (from the last 3 “People’s Sexiest Man Alive”): ¬†Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Adam Levine.
A: Honestly? Dump them all!  (Haha)
Q: What do you do to pass time during the long Chicago winters?
A: I find that I do more baking and cooking during the winter months,especially baking cookies. Also watching movies more. And it’s so odd but me and the hubs do more date nights during the winter months. Don’t ask me why! It just ends up that way.
Q:What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
A: So the hubs,me, and my parents were on our way to our destination wedding in Macedonia. I haven’t been there in many,many years. We get to the airport and security saw all the luggage we had on us and it just looked like we were moving in haha. The security then took my parents in a private room for who knows what ¬†reason and I eventually followed them in there-I busted in there and shouted “we are planning a wedding guys!”. My parents at this point were FREAKING out because they didn’t know what the security guards will make of this commotion I was making. I couldn’t believe I did that haha! It all worked out at the end though.
Q: You wear many hats.  How to you balance being a career woman, new mother, wife, and blogger?
A: It’s hard! I do certain tasks on certain days to stay organized and keep a balance. I utilize weekends to the max because I have those days off. And other times I just wing it and leave room for the unexpected. And lots of praying! Also, I am not afraid to ask for help from family.
The kiddo and I at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The kiddo and I at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Q: I went back and forth about living in the city versus ‘burbs, and ended up living in the ‘burbs. ¬†You chose city. ¬†Do you think that will ever change as your family grows? ¬†
A: I believe so. Right now we are having too much fun exploring the city and being close to the lake,shops,museums,and so forth. I love the convenience of stepping outside my doorstep to go to the bank,the grocery store, the coffee shop, etc  just to name a few. It makes things easier when you have such small children. I grew up in the suburbs so I am sure eventually we will come full circle and move out there because living in the suburbs has its benefits as well.
Q:  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
A: Probably Australia. The weather is warm and their economy is very strong. My parents almost moved us out there but then ended up changing their mind. What gives! lol.
So there you have it! Thanks Gracielle for these questions, it was fun answering them!





  1. Nice post. Nice choice of questions and liked reading your answers. Love your Christmas tradition of baking a coin in Christmas bread. I don’t find those three men to be sexy at all ( Lol ) . I would like to go to Australia as well, especially during December, like the idea of a warm Christmas :).
    Divya recently posted…Weekly Photo Challenge: GrandMy Profile

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Thanks! Looks like we have the same interests! Yes a warm Christmas would be perfect! My cousins live in Australia and they bbq on the beach for New Year’s-not fair! lol.

  2. I love it that you would dump all three guys. I agree none of they seem date worthy and certainly not marriage material.
    Sonya recently posted…New York & Company Free ShippingMy Profile

  3. I love your Christmas tradition! Bread and preserves sound amazing. Welcome to Ask Away Friday, I’m so glad you played along!

  4. Wonderful questions and answers! Donuts are always a winner! LOL! I had to laugh at your Hump, Dump, Marry answer, and I am afraid that I would have to agree with you! LOL! Have a great week!
    Stacey Gannett recently posted…Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop 52!My Profile

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Yes for sure! Especially the Christmas color sprinkle ones lol. Yea I was like yikes, can’t answer this question straight,have to dump them all!

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