Will Be Back…

I have decided to take a bloggy break this week. I work 40 hours outside the home and I have SO much going on at work since we are wrapping up the year. Also still working the home front and other things that have popped up. It is getting pretty overwhelming.

Blogging is a passion of mine and I love every minute of it. My family and work come first still though. As much as I try to be supermom, it can be challenging.

We haven’t even put our Christmas tree up! And I haven’t done an ounce of shopping. I was also planning to take the kiddo to see Santa, so I have a lot going on plus more. And those Christmas cards are even not signed and mailed yet-yikes!

And um, I need to catch up on my sleep. I usually do my blogging stuff over the weekend in the wee hours after the kiddo goes to bed.

I would much rather take a break and come back with less stress and in turn,better content. I rather take a break than to just throw some posts up for the heck of it and they turn out to be poo poo because I am in a rush. Ya know what I mean?

I was planning to come back the week of Christmas. I should  be fine by then.

Hope everyone is taking it easy and getting through the holiday season. It is a fun time but it can also be a pretty stressful time.

See you next week!

Love, Chi City Mom.


  1. Your family should always, always come first! It seems to me that lots of folks are taking time off the next couple of weeks. It feels like there are less readers around anyway!
    Have a wonderful, peaceful and restful holiday!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…If Santa Were A Wine DrinkerMy Profile

  2. Family and taking care of yourself comes first, especially during the holidays! Enjoy time with your little one and your family. See you when you return!!
    Gracielle recently posted…{Infographic} Toddler StatsMy Profile

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Thank You! I have an upcoming post. I had an intersting Saturday and needed to vent-ahhhh parenthood! lol. Happy Holidays to you and your family!