Toddlers And Sleep Patterns.

My original post idea has changed after what I just went through over the weekend. That is, my drama with my soon to be 19 month old that doesn’t want to sleep.

I was hoping to spur some conversation about this topic. Next to or equal to picky eating toddlers, sleep (or lack of) wins the cake as far as toddler problems goes, for me at least. And there has GOT to be other moms out there with kiddos that are going through the same thing in one way or the other.  Actually I know there is. You may be reading and nodding at the same time at this point.




And forget the dads, at least my kiddo’s dad, he just says the girl just has got a lot of energy! Well um, yea, duh! But they got to fall sleep at one point and not at midnight(yes you read that right).

My kiddo actually was a pretty good sleeper up until last month. Even if she did fall asleep late it was no later than 10pm-ish which was manageable.  And I was a rebel and would put her to sleep with a bottle but it helped a lot.

But now she refuses more than takes a bottle at night, which I know she shouldn’t be having a bottle to bed anyways, so not too bummed out about that. I try to wind her down by reading to her and sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. More often it doesn’t.

I know part of it is the fact that I am not with her all the time. When I come home from work, and even on weekends,I am running around trying to get as much stuff done as possible. Cooking, cleaning, giving her baths,etc. I try to spend time and play with her but it is probably not enough.

I also know part of it is that it is winter in Chicago, so we are not going to the park and being really active as much. Totally stinks.

So now I am at a loss on what to do. I thought I would leave this topic at this point and see what other moms are doing to help their kiddos go to sleep, especially these rebellious toddlers. Also what has not worked. I am almost positive there are moms out there feeling the same way as I am nowadays ( let’s hope!).

The problem is, my kiddo goes to bed late and then wakes up late because of course, she is tired.

Thoughts? Comments? Your  story? Would love to hear them!



  1. Good luck with this! Sleep is an even tougher thing to conquer, I think, than eating. When little one doesn’t sleep, mom and dad don’t sleep and that is very difficult to cope with day after day.
    Sending good, sleepy vibes toward your home – hope they land on kiddo and not on you!

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Thank you! I think the sleepy vibes is helping because she slept at a decent hour yesterday for the first time in weeks. We nabbed the issue which is a no brainer but didn’t really stop to think about it-she was waking up way too late, I’m talking about 9 sometimes 10 in the morning, so of course she is riled up and not tired because then her naps are late,etc.