What To Wear: Valentine’s Date Night.


Hello friends! I can’t believe January is almost over! But then again, I can. When will this winter end!

What is up with this weather anyways? At least here in Chicago, we have been experiencing quite the freezing temps, and Jack Frost doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon, he must really like us (sarcasm).

I know this is a little early but I thought while we are trying to stay warm at home, I would put together a chic outfit for your upcoming Valentine’s Date Night. You are stepping out right? I know for moms like me, planning these date nights requires a lot of preparation and notice well ahead of time, as my husband can tell you (which he hates). He’s European so he goes by European time meaning, planning the day of. We planned our New Year’s Eve the day of at 9pm at night!  Drives me nuts!

My hopes that the hubs and I get in at this really chic French place where we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day ever five years ago (ya hear that hubs? Bonus points if you can remember where this was 🙂 ). I remember like it was yesterday, we were renting a studio apartment that year in a not so hot neighborhood (his idea not mine) and I was over the moon because he bought me balloons, flowers, chocolates, the whole nine yards! Despite our small living arrangements, I still felt like a princess in a castle.  I believe even after you are married, you should still court your significant other, which I know gets difficult when you throw kids in the mix, but some effort needs to be made here, even if it’s only once a month or on special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

No date you say? You can also pull this off! Even if you are having a girl’s night out this Valentine’s Day, this would be a great outfit as well.

First off, if you are not a fan of screaming red, a maroon tunic top such as the one pictured above will be your best bet. You can still rock the red theme without being too “loud”. Also, I ran into these great faux leather pants from Kohl’s that won’t break your budget and you can actually breathe in 🙂

Moving on to accessories, I figured since we are wearing faux leather pants and it is still winter out, this ankle boot from Aldo would go well here.  Rounding out the outfit are gold dangly earrings and a gold clutch which brings out the subtle gold in the boot.

So hopefully you will get a date this Valentine’s Day whether it’s with the hubs, boyfriend, or girlfriends hanging out. Even if you are doing a Valentine’s Date Night In, I still think dressing up should be in the works.


  1. I LOVE the faux leather pants! I’ve had pants like that on my wish list for some time now. I hope your husband catches your hint and takes you out to that restaurant for Valentine’s day!
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    • Chi City Mom says:

      I have yet to get on the trend of faux leather pants, I want to make sure the ones I find don’t rip on me in the back lol!
      Yea he pretty much knows we are headed there, but he still doesn’t believe in reservations-ugh!