Creating A Vision Board To Meet Your Goals.

Goodbye January, hello February!

I have a love/hate relationship with February by the way.

First of all, I love it because we celebrate Valentine’s Day and we get to see pink and red decorations everywhere, and eat chocolate, and see all these fun crafts around the blogosphere. Yea yea it’s a Hallmark Holiday but it’s still fun to celebrate and help us get through this last month of winter. And what a winter it has been which brings me to my next point of why I hate February.

Obviously you know why. It’s still winter and I always find that February is the worst month when it comes to the weather. By the time you read this post, we will find out if the Groundhog has seen his shadow or not and if we are going to have an even longer winter-let’s hope not!

So I created this vision board for an upcoming  interview to help me stay in a positive frame of mind. I got this idea from the book “The Secret” which explains how having a positive attitude can help and visualizing that you are going to succeed helps you reach your goals.

This advice is actually a no brainer and in the psychology world is related to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy used on clients. Some just picture success in their minds but it is much easier to focus when you are actually doing the vision board.

You can create a vision board for anything that you are going to accomplish. Maybe you want your kiddo’s soccer league to win the next game, or you have an upcoming presentation, or need to pass that exam (I did this actually once and it worked!).

All you need is a notepad or a sketchpad, and a set of colored pencils. I prefer colored pencils than crayons or markers, because it just seemed easier to draw and fill in the colors,etc.

Here is mine that I mentioned-don’t laugh! No, my almost two year old does not know how to draw yet, but it does look like a kiddo drew this, but I swear, it’s me, I’m just not that artistic, but you don’t have to be to do this exercise:



Just make sure you are creating your vision board in a quiet or peaceful setting. For me, I had to get out of the house and head over to a coffee shop where I know I won’t be interrupted. I found it to be very therapeutic. It was just me, my coffee, and my vision board.

Then when you are done, keep it in a safe place and look at it from time to time. It will help you stay focused with whatever else you are doing to accomplish your goals.

So do you think you will try this? You should! I have made these in the past to accomplish other goals and it has worked! I will let you know in the upcoming weeks if it worked for this particular situation 🙂






  1. Hello! Thanks so much for linking up at the MaMade Blog Hop! I love this idea 🙂 and I think your drawing is perfect! Don’t forget to come back next week to link up again and see if you were featured! 🙂
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  2. Hello, great post! I love it! This is such a great idea. I have many goals and I wrote them down then can’t find them at the moment. I really like the idea of making a goal board. I think I might make a short term and long term one. Thanks for the idea!
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    • Chi City Mom says:

      Thank You! I have made a few of these myself and they are way more easier to keep track of than post it notes 🙂

  3. I love your vision board! I love that it includes the ferris wheel from Navy Pier and two buildings that I’m sure are the Hancock and the Sears (will ALWAYS be Sears) Tower!.
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