Taking It Easy During the Polar Vortex.

The past week I have been off and spending some extra cozy time with the kiddo.

Last Sunday was Superbowl Sunday and I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies. I love baking more in the winter and I figured since I didn’t have to work the next day why not? My daughter ate like 5 of them. At first I flinched at that idea because I really try to keep sweets at bay but I figured oh what the heck,how often will I be making these? πŸ™‚



My dad bought these pajamas not caring that they are probably for boys. My daughter won't wear anything else.

My dad bought these pajamas not caring that they are probably for boys. My daughter won’t wear anything else.

Since the temps were still pretty bad, we spent a lot of time just plain ol’ hanging out. It was great. It was exhausting too, I have to say for those stay at home moms-kudos!

I did however reorganized my closet Β and managed to deep clean the bathrooms. Also cooking more yes, but I think my daughter is getting spoiled of the fact that I am home more lately so she wants to be next to me all.the.time.

Also I need to actually “sleep train” this kid. She was falling asleep at like 11:30pm every night and finally my husband and I said we HAVE to do something about this. I called her pediatrician but her advice was just not realistic. So we ended up waking her up a little earlier than usual which made a huge difference. I also noticed that if she takes a shorter nap than usual she falls asleep earlier too. It was like a blessing from above!

We rounded up the weekend with our kiddo’s Godfather’s daughter’s Christening (got that?). It was a beautiful ceremony and we got to eat good food and cake. Yes cake is a must.

ooo look, a family photo!

ooo look, a family photo!

Yup eating sweets again.

Yup eating sweets again.

Also, we are watching the Olympics to pass the time as well.

How are you spending your what is left ( I hope) of winter?




  1. I love you daughter’s dinosaur pajamas! Maybe she will grow up to be a famous paleontologist at The Field Museum! Enjoy your time off and stay warm!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…I Survived Moving WeekMy Profile

  2. Thank You Gracielle! I am really excited! I feel like I am doing a disservice keeping my kiddo cooped up but I also know other parents who are hanging out staying in with their kiddos as well, good to know I’m not the only one. It’s great you get to have that cozy time with your kids there! Lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,Sesame Street, and Super Why around here πŸ™‚

    It’s supposed to warm up around here they said next week-whoo hoo!
    Chi City Mom recently posted…Taking It Easy During the Polar Vortex.My Profile

  3. I love the polar vortex and ridiculous cold temps and crazy snow we have had on the east coast. I could not imagine a better winter and have finally accepted the fact that my house will always be in disarray but there will be a homecooked meal on the table and a happy family behind closed doors πŸ™‚
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    • Chi City Mom says:

      You are a rarity my friend-we are itching over here for warmer weather because there is SO much to do. I was out earlier this evening and even though it was only 28 degrees people were out and about since there was no snow, wind, or rain for once! Cabin fever at it’s finest πŸ™‚