The Exploritorium and Vanille Patisserie.

My cousin was in town and the kiddo’s grandpa is heading back to Europe this week, so the hubs went out with them for a boys night out while me and the kiddo stayed in this past weekend. After the kiddo went to bed, I was thinking now is a good time more than ever to sneak in a blog post I have been meaning to write. I haven’t been keeping up with the blog because usually the Mac is being taken over by grandpa by the time I get the kiddo to bed (sigh). Then I figured I’ll just blog in the morning, but that didn’t happen either.

Couple weeks ago, I took the kiddo to the Exploritorium located in the outskirts of Chicago-if you live in the area and even in the city, this is a must place to go with your kids. It’s not a huge place or anything but it definitely will satisfy your kid’s urge to explore and burn off some energy.

Admission is only $5 bucks for non-residents and $3 bucks if you live in Skokie. The kiddo especially loved the Lite Brites board and the river with the “fish” in there that you can scoop up with a net. I couldn’t get her away from that thing:






It’s a great place to hit up when it is raining outside or just plain too cold to take the kiddo outdoors. I almost didn’t quite make it though. As I was driving to the place I missed a couple steps and had to turn around a few times. I then heard a puking sound and thought OH NO. I pulled over and I saw that she threw up her milk :-(.

I then thought to myself, noooooooo we FINALLY are going somewhere and this had to happen, we are still going. I planned to take her here for weeks now and this is still happening I don’t care! Luckily she was fine when we did get there and was in good spirits. She refused her breakfast that day and only wanted milk and it may have been too much for her. I was a little nervous wondering if she had some sort of bug and here I am dragging her go somewhere in public but that wasn’t the case thank God. It all worked out at the end.

In other news, two Saturdays ago, I was invited to a private event at Vanille Patisserie, a French pastry shop in the trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood. I met the owner, Sophia, and was welcomed to try out the sweets and got a tour of the kitchen where all the magic happens. If you are ever in Chicago this is a MUST stop! I was so giddy because they are also known for their Macarons and I was actually allowed to choose some to take home. It was perfect timing because this month, the kiddo turns 2 and we need to get a cake from somewhere and we were able to also try as many cake flavors as possible.





I weighed myself after Easter and came to find that I have actually lost 6 lbs without even trying! The kiddo is getting more active and I just simply don’t have time to sit, so that could be a factor. But I may have gained it back after this open house, I must have tried every sweet available there! (Ha!).

I have a few blogging goals that I would really like to have happen. First off, I really need to come up with a professional design and  find a way to pay for one. If anyone has any suggestions of web designers that are offering custom designs for a reasonable price let me know! I am taking recommendations. I also need to stay focused and try to blog three times a week like I used to.

Life has overwhelmed me lately and blogging took a backseat, but I always have blogging and writing on my mind. I get told often  I am a good writer (meh, I could be better) and I love how it gives you a creative outlet. I also love how it brings all writers together and formulates friendships and a sense of community.

So this is what I intend to do: I think I am going to continue to blog on Saturday nights after the kiddo goes to bed. However, I am going to try to write my drafts during my bus commute to and from work so that by the time the weekend rolls around, I just have to type them up and schedule the posts. We’ll see if that works. In the meantime, I am going to look for a professional design and do some price shopping for one.

I also have some ideas for posts that will be consistent every week and at the same time fill my interests in particular topics-stay tuned 🙂

Sorry for the novel! It’s just been awhile, and since I miss writing so much, I can probably write an actual novel lol!

So how was everyone’s weekend? Do tell! Hope you had a good one!

Just fyi: I was not invited to this private event in exchange to write a post. It just so happens my cousin knows the owner and she told him we can stop by as well. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


  1. Adrienne says:

    Glad to see your blog again! You were missed. I have to check out that spot when I come to visit:). Happy bday planning for baby M:)

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Hi Adrienne! Thanks for stopping by hope all is well? I know I have been so consistent with my blogging but then life took over! Hope to get back into the swing of things soon 🙂 You must definitely stop by Vanille Patisserie when you visit again which I hope will be real soon-summer maybe? 🙂

  2. Might want to look into finding a student who needs to do a web design project. That way it’s free for you and the student gets an outlet for their project. I’d like to do the same eventually – I find that keeping my blog organized and easy to look at has been the hardest part (besides finding time to keep up with all the updates).

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Hi Nick-yea, this blogging stuff is actually a lot of work! It may look easy to an outsider but it really involves a lot. I am still learning even though I started back in September. That is a really good idea, trying to get a student to do the web design-thanks for the tip!