How to lose a blog reader in 30 days (or even less).

Finally, after a grueling 6 months of a really bad winter, Chicago is alive and kicking with beautiful gorgeous weather. I wrote this post al fresco style on my lunch break from work-it’s the small things I tell ya!

Even the kiddo is enjoying this great weather, we have been going to the park a lot more now that it has gotten nicer:





I thought I’d veer off from the blog a little bit and bring you some tips on how a blogger can lose a follower in 30 days or even less!

So I thought I’d present a case study (I love case studies, must be the social worker in me). So I was following a fellow Chicago blogger and at the beginning she was practicing pretty good blogging etiquette, responding to my emails, offering great advice, replying to my comments, even featuring my questions on her site.

Now I know life gets in the way. Many of us have a full time job in or out of the home, have kids,etc.  I don’t expect a blogger to respond right away. This particular blogger has no kids and even has several bloggers contributing to her site so she has help as well as a full time job outside the home. I totally get it. I never expect bloggers to respond the same day or even the same week.

Don’t worry, it is no one that has ever participated on my site and other social media outlets. You guys rock!

So this blogger was pretty good at responding for awhile and I thought, this is great, she engages with her audience! Engaging your audience is an ongoing process though . There came to a point where she slowly stopped responding. It seemed like this happened too right around the time I created my own blog (weird).

Of course when I started my blog I had invited her to follow each other on Twitter and Facebook and even still tried to reach out to her via email to continue our bloggy relationship. Nothing.

I figured maybe life got in the way and I gave her a pass and remained patient.

After weeks of not hearing back from her , I attempted to reach out to her again but nothing. Then she had the audacity to request me on Google Plus!

What the H E Double Hockey Sticks???

It was at that point where I said, forget it and just moved on. I have plenty of bloggers whom I have established a great relationship with. She was definitely a learning lesson for me and hopefully for all you bloggers out there. No matter how big you get, please continue to engage with everyone, because that kind of stuff will come back to haunt you I am sure. You may be only losing one reader, but people pick up on that stuff fast, and before you know it, you are losing readers left and right.

If I do this, please, call me out, virtually smack me upside the head lol. Although I will try not to.

Have you had any failed connections? What did you do about it? Would this make you want to leave? Do tell!



  1. Bummer! It is no fun to feel like you are being ignored. No worries, though – your readers never feel that way from you! This is a great reminder that blogging is a 2 way street and we should never take anything for granted.
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…How My Fitbit and I MetMy Profile

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Yes, good point there, it IS a two way street, that is how the blogosphere revolves :-). I am glad to see that my readers don’t feel I ignore them. I may not read the comments right away because I work during the day so I am not supposed to be doing anything but work at my job on the clock :-/.

  2. You couldn’t have said it better. I’ve got a couple one sided relationships going on (no one here) and they are frustrating! We’re all busy but engagement is key. We help each other out along the way and that’s how we gain a support system. Maybe some bloggers think they are too big and grand for us little folks. We all had to start somewhere and I’ll always take a moment to help someone else out.
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