Top 5 Reasons for Condo Living.

Our balcony view of our condo.

Our balcony view of our condo.


I have to admit, I chose to live in a large city for all it has to offer but like many city dwellers, from time to time, envy those who have a home in the suburbs.

You get a backyard and more space of course(although some condos I have seen while house hunting were bigger than some houses I have seen), and throwing bbq’s and dinner parties is another great perk.

But do you know living in a condo also has its advantages? For those contemplating on purchasing a house vs a condo, here are some ¬†reasons why condo living is not so bad after all, in fact, it’s GREAT!

1. Decluttering happens more often. Sometimes when you have a lot of space, you tend to keep and collect everything. You know people whose garages are filled with A LOT of stuff. Living in a condo,you are forced to buy and keep less stuff and you are constantly purging things. You have no choice when your space is limited.

2.Spending less time on chores. Which means more family and personal time. I do have to say this is probably the biggest advantages to living in a condo vs a home, especially when you have babies or toddlers like myself. Children take up a lot of our time so the last thing you want to do is clean all day. Not having a basement is a bummer but that is also one less area you have to spend time maintaining.

3. You are forced to leave the house. In my case, I am super close to the parks and other things to do so living in a smaller space kind of forces you to leave the house and explore the world.

4. Two words- Lawn. Care. With our busy schedules, the thought of having to mow and trim the lawn just sounds so overwhelming, I can’t imagine having any time to do this. Same with having to shovel snow in the winter. In a condo, your association handles all of that, it’s pretty sweet.

5. Cheaper utilities- In a condo, you are less likely to need much to heat up or cool down a place, and you save a ton on electricity and water. No need to wait to cool off or heat up a place as well.


There you have it, my top 5 reasons for condo living. There are many more I am sure, so for those who live in a condo or apartment, what are some perks you can also think of?


  1. It is true, isn’t it, that we fill up whatever space we have. Every room, every closet, every cupboard! I bet that last winter you REALLY appreciated not having to shovel snow!
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