What to pack for your family trip to Chicago.



Kinda tricky to take pics when car is moving,but still love to do it.

Kinda tricky to take pics when car is moving,but still love to do it.

Summer in Chicago. Enough said. From what I can see, the tourists have arrived. I don’t blame them. Summer in Chicago is as good as it gets!

We have it all here-Restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and even beaches.

So what should I bring along with me to my upcoming trip to Chicago you ask? If you are a planning a trip here this summer (and you should), here are some must haves that you need to bring along:

Gym shoes. Or any comfortable shoes-you will be doing a lot of walking so be prepared-a nice pair of sneakers or comfortable flats will definitely help when walking down the Magnificent Mile.

Backpack. Especially if you are traveling with kids, this is a must. You just never know you’ll need a change of clothes or change that diaper. Forget balancing kids with your purse and a diaper bag. You can pack snacks,water,change, etc. This is much safer too. Plus, you need those extra hands for those shopping bags!

Umbrella Stroller-trust me on this one-keep your fancy City Select at home. If you need to take public transportation, they are going to make you fold your stroller up and carry it BEFORE you can get on the bus. Plus it will be easier to zip through the crowds with an umbrella stroller.

Clothes: The weather here changes coooooonstantly.Even me as a local, I bring some alternative articles of clothing with me if I am away at home with the family for a long time:

-Trench coat

-One pair of shorts/skirt

-Light jacket

-Leggings, pair of long pants

-Short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts/sweatshirt

Bathing Suit, Sunglasses, Sunscreen: You must be wondering why the heck would you bring these items to a big city of all places? Well let me tell you-we live super close to Lake Michigan and we have beaches galore! You WILL want to check out the beaches, they are SO fun!

Blankets: Believe it or not, we have tons of green space and Millenium Park even allows you to have picnics and watch live concerts or bundle up in case it gets cold at that Sox or Cubs game.

Camera: Of course, you can’t forget this one. You absolutely must take in the scenery here in Chicago!

Toiletries: Shampoo, toothbrushes, etc-you know, the usual when you travel.

Umbrella: It’s been raining a lot out here lately so you just never know when you will need an umbrella, I am telling you, our weather is like a chameleon, always changing.



So these are must haves when traveling to Chicago. If you and your family are planning a trip soon(which you must if you haven’t already), have fun! Enjoy!




  1. I think that Millennium Park and the beaches are among the best jewels in the city’s crown. But so are the restaurants and the Mag Mile and the theaters and, and, and! Sweet home Chicago!
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