Spring Mixed Salad To Go.


So I work in downtown Chicago where I pull a 9-5 shift five days a week. If you don’t know already, Chicago is known for their eclectic restaurants that range from Thai to Deep Dish Pizza to Italian and so forth.

So when I first started working out here I was syked-here is my chance to check them out! I get a full hour break on my lunch which gives me a lot of time to even sit down in a restaurant if I wanted to. I was pumped because for almost 6 years I was working in a Chicago suburb where the only thing that was going on nearby was a Panera and a Chipotle.

Ten dollars here, ten dollars there, not to mention that I have a Starbucks right next door(dangerous) and the next thing you know, I am reenacting a scene out of I Love Lucy with the hubs (you got some ‘splainin to do!).

If you ask me what hollywood couple reminds me of the hubs and I it’s Lucy and Ricky Ricardo(accent and all) with a modern twist. Yup. Me with all the crazy ideas and trying to convince the hubs to go along with them. Pretty much.

It’s true, it does add up,and not only that, dining out every day can easily pack on the pounds.

Even when I went the salad route it was at the least $15 a pop-dang! Protein Bar, I love you, but I can’t always hang, sorry.

So I have been a good girl by bringing in a prepared salad everyday. This isn’t a recipe per say,with no measurements and all, but really super easy to put together! I used those already mixed salads that come in a container and use that as my base.

I'm not a food photographer at all means. And I am way too tired from walking up and down Michigan Ave to watermark this.

Start with a base of already prepared salad mix and use the container to go.

In mine, I usually add dried cranberries, feta cheese,vinegar and olive oil, and some type of protein. In this photo I didn’t add meat this time. It is one sure way to pack a lunch when you are pressed for time and to save a few bucks.


Not a food photographer at all. And I just got home from Michigan Ave,so not going to watermark this.

The feta cheese got lost in a sea of lettuce, but it’s in there.


If you got any quick pack and lunch tips let me know! Would love to hear about them.


  1. Oh, yes those Chicago restaurants are so, so tempting! And the pizza is SO good! But everything in moderation, eh? Your salad looks delicious and fresh – a perfect guilt free lunch!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…Othello At The Old GlobeMy Profile

    • Yes! And also, the cost to eat around here-yikes! You can’t get a lunch under 15 bucks here, no way. At least State St isn’t that close by, I have to walk 15 minutes to get there lol.
      Deanna recently posted…Spring Mixed Salad To Go.My Profile