Summer 2014 Review in Pictures.

I had major writer’s block this past weekend for Monday’s post, but I finally came up with something. I may be one of the first to do a Summer Review 2014 post since technically we still got a week to go in August, but next weekend we are taking a road trip (more on that for the following week’s post!).

I also can’t believe I am doing a Summer 2014 review already. This summer really flew by. I felt like there was more I could have done on my summer “bucket list” but the next thing you know, we are heading to September, ready or not.

I am a big sucker for comparing my summers from year to year. I have to say the summer weather wise has been pretty crummy around here in Chicago, with lots of rain and many cool nights, although I have to say this past weekend has been HORRIBLE with humidity.

So here it is, my Summer Review, in pictures:

Despite the rain and cool nights, the early afternoons were actually pretty warm, we did get rained on once going to the beach but for the most part, we made it out there at least 4-5 times. M loved it so much.




We also took a beach trip to St. Joseph Michigan and got our beach fix up there too this past summer. Now that weekend we went  it was VERY hot.

We did the touristy thing by taking a trip to Buckingham fountain. We haven’t been here in a long time and it was the kiddo’s first time.


Not to mention we ate tons of ice cream. This girl can eat a whole Magnum, amazing.


We also went to our neighborhood’s Farmer’s Market a lot. Although ours will last until October, I will still miss going there in the summer (sigh).


And of course, we went to the park a lot as well. We overdid that one and spent the majority of our summer there. I can honestly say, I don’t have time to work out between work and taking care of this little one so chasing her up and down the big kids slides was my exercise. And why do they aaaaaaalways  want to go on the “big kids” slides and not their own age appropriate one is beyond me. This girl is not. scared.


We also took some trips to the local library and hit up the neighborhood summer street fest, which is very common in each Chicago neighborhood this time of year.

And last but not least, long walks through the neighborhood. Those are probably the best. This past weekend we took a trip to Starbucks and strolled around, and ran into this cool window display of a car made entirely of cardboard:



I think that pretty much wraps up our summer. OH, I forgot the highlight of this summer was that we did a family photo session back in July. HOW could I have forgotten that one! I just got the pictures delivered this past weekend and I haven’t gone through them yet so I will have to save them for another post unfortunately. But these pics pretty much summed up our very short but sweet summer months in the Chi.

Summer please. don’t. go. We actually did have a nice summer, it just went SO fast. But it will go down in history as a good one. I tried to make it as fun as possible for my kiddo and relish every moment we had. And I pray for many more to come.


  1. Is it sad that ice cream has become part of our diet? It just tastes so much better in the summer. So glad you’ve been having a great one!

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Thank You! Yes, it is sad. I have to admit, sometimes I will only eat that for dinner lol. But it is hard to go without ice cream in the summer time!

  2. Hi again…I’m catching up on your posts because I’ve been MIA for awhile (sorry!) I love Chicago summers – totally makes up for the grueling Chicago winters! So…I’ll have to message you sometime to get your take on being a mom in the city. My hubs is strongly considering a job opportunity out there and we’d have to move from the ‘burbs. But your pics make look like a no brainer! LOL
    Gracielle recently posted…Mommy A-Z, where have you been?My Profile

  3. Hey there! I was wondering where you were-glad you are back!
    Definitely message is the best way to contact me.

    I’ve been meaning to write up a post on moving/raising a kiddo in Chicago, so I may writr something for next week’s post. You should do it!
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