A great,motherly tip for us parenting bloggers.

How was everyone’s weekend? It got SO cold out here in Chicago and I am SO not ready for this! I was almost tempted to get my boots out, almost. 

The blogosphere is an amazing place to be. So many topics,so many ideas, and lots of inspiration,it’s amazing!

The parenting blog world is even bigger and it is so nice to see various points of views and ideas in that niche as well.

But one thing us parenting bloggers must be careful when we write about topics that we all are facing with our kids is not to be so critical of those whose upbringing of someone else’s kids is not aligning with their own. I am talking about a particular blog that I read over the past few days which the author was telling her audience that if they have issues with their toddler’s sleep, to fix it.

It was put rather um, pretty bluntly. In the meantime the blogger kept talking about how her kid sleeps so well,eats so well,etc.

At first,I thought I was the only one being offended since my toddler does not go to bed on time no matter what I have tried. I didn’t have time to comment and then tried to revisit the blog later only to find A LOT of moms commented oh how offensive this blogger’s post was.

Many poured their frustration how they are TRYING to fix their kid’s sleep and to say they aren’t was a complete slap in their face. I get it. So I wasn’t crazy to think the same.

Yes, we have freedom of speech here in America-it’s great! Some of these things we write about would be banned in other countries. But one must not take advantage of this right we have by trying to alienate others in the process. Especially if you are going to dish out advice about how to parent a child.

And especially if you want your readers to keep following.

I have difference in opinion with a lot of moms in real life and on the blogosphere but to rub in and say MY way is right and yours isn’t,is not a good way to keep friends there. Also, I know this sounds cliche, but let’s remember what one thing works for one child does not work for others.

What is also great about this whole blogging gig is that we can choose who we want to follow, so if you find reading blogs that are not enjoyable, then taking them off our list is an option.

Other than that keep writing-there are SO many good writers out there,a lot! And I hope you keep this tip in mind as you write up your next post.

Would love to hear your comments below!




  1. That was most certainly not what my post was about, and I did take your advice and fix the wording in one of my bullets, as I could see how it wasn’t phrased with the most sensitivity. This post of yours makes me feel quite badly and I’m sorry you felt the need to retort to me so publicly. For those of you here who want to read the post for themselves, head on over:http://www.handandtheheart.com/2014/09/dont-just-survive.html

    I stated multiple times in my post my intent is NEVER to judge anyone, make anyone feel offended, inferior, or defensive. My intention with blogging publicly was to create a community of friends and mothers who can offer help to one another and support each other. What works for us, might not work for you, but it never hurts to write and offer posts with parenting advice, which is what the bulk of my writing is about. The main idea of the post is that we should be enjoying the toddler years, and not feeling like we are merely surviving them.

    Deanna, this is the second time I’ve apologized to you. It really makes me feel badly you are so upset and hurt. From what I know of you online, you are an incredible mother and I would never want to make someone feel badly about how they are choosing to approach eating/sleep.

    I wish you the best of luck with your blogging endeavors but see it might be time for us to part ways.

    Best, Andrea
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  2. Hi Andrea,

    I made sure I did not mention names nor your site since the point of this post was not to out you in anyway,so I am sorry. But you were brave to come on here and admit it was you when you didn’t have to. It was a good learning opportunity for everyone as we dish out information on the net,including myself!

    You recognized it was a mistake and that is what was important for the readers. I almost commented but thought that the message was already been clear regarding that post.

    I am very forgiving and I hold no grudges. My point of this post was to all be mindful of how we word things, again. It was a great example actually,think of it as a teachable moment for all of us bloggers.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to post! I always think no one ever reads my posts and the blogging world is big, but it really isn’t! Take care 🙂