Some tips on moving your family to the big city.



I thought about writing a post on what to look for if you are planning to move your family to a large metropolitan city like Chicago. I even get asked from time to time on how to go about doing so.

I have also been reading around that more and more families are taking the plunge and moving to a large city due to job opportunities or just for a change of scenery. Here are some tips to think about:

Housing: What is your budget? The bigger the budget, the more flexibility you have. Also, consider what you would be willing to give up in exchange for more space if that is your priority. Keep in mind that in a bigger city, you will get less space the closer you are to everything, unless you get a condo at Trump Towers or something (keep dreaming Deanna!) And keep parking in mind if you decide to bring your car(s),you will be paying for a parking spot/garage too unless you decide to ditch your cars which brings me my next point.

Transportation:  Take a look at transportation options in your city. In Chicago, the “el” train and busses play a huge role with us Chicagoans in getting to and from work,school,etc. Will you be needing a car to get around? You may be paying more rent or a mortgage in some neighborhoods but you may be super close to many things that are walking distance, thus being able to eliminate the use of a car,which can save you tons of money on maintenance, gas, and insurance. Be prepared to walk a lot in a major city as well.

Parks: This one I personally think is important for families that are relocating to a big city. Does the neighborhood you have in mind have a good park/playground system? Especially for small kids, it is a must, since they will need some green space to play and run around, or participate and join a program/class to keep them active.

Schools: Another big one for families of school aged children. Before moving to a particular neighborhood,check out the schools in the area and see where they are ranking. Also, many big cities don’t just have public schools as an option, but also may have Private Schools,Magnet Schools, Montessori,etc. This one can take a while to research so I would definitely research this prior to the school year that you are moving. If it is too soon to think about it, then just keep in mind as the kids get older what the options would be.


When finding an area/neighborhood also keep these in mind. Having these close by within walking distance will making city living WAY easier:

Is there a bank nearby that I can go to when I need it?

Any pharmacies in the neighborhood?

Grocery stores? Where do people shop for food?

Where is the nearest hospital?

Sometimes you may not have time to cook-are there any restaurants/eateries nearby where you can do carryout?


And keep in mind that when moving a family to a large city, meeting new friends will be a little more challenging. Explore your neighborhood organizations or check out for groups in your area especially if you have small children, and you will be making friends in no time!


Good luck with your big move and if you happen to be relocating to Chicago, email me at, I can give you even more detailed tips about your options. Happy Moving!





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