Weekend Recap

Happy Monday again! This past weekend was GORGEOUS in Chicago, it definitely felt more like summer than fall-I’ll take it!

Saturday we went to the apple orchard in Indiana. I had an outfit all planned out for the kiddo but she refused to let me put it on her so we had a standoff until  I gave in,or else we wouldn’t have made it. I was so bummed out,but what can you do, they start to make up their own minds as they get older (sigh).

I tried to encourage her to feed the goats at the petting zoo but right here she was pretty much like “thanks but I’ll pass”:


We then saw some pigs:


The place was PACKED. We waited in line which seemed like forever to get on the “Moo-choo” train that took us all around the apple orchard. That was pretty fun:




On Sunday, we attended our neighborhood art fest in Chicago, and it just so happened that their kid activity corner was right outside our building. There was even a puppet show that was pretty fun to watch.


Can’t go wrong with sidewalk chalk:



Have a great week!