When those you are close to move far away.

At the Lincoln Park Zoo

With Uncle Tony At the Lincoln Park Zoo



I am sad to say that my dear cousin Tony is moving cross country due to a job promotion. Not sure how close you are to your cousins, but not everyone can be, so Tony is an exception. He was like a second brother to me (I have one already).

We both moved to the North Side of Chicago around the same time (although I have been in Chicago longer, just was living more south) to pursue job opportunities, so I felt a little better knowing I had a blood relative that lived nearby. My next closest family (including my parents) live an hour away.

Known the guy my whole life though, after all, our grandparents are siblings!

Then I got married and had a kiddo, but he still would make sure he kept in touch with my family and I and he became instant friends with the hubs. Since he only lived a mere 20 minutes away, he would stop by on the weekends anytime and just shoot the breeze with us. We would have conversations for hours.

Oh! And he was our go to computer guy. If something went awry with my Mac, he came to the rescue. So that I thank you if you are reading this! We always paid him with Deep Dish Pizza or a Macedonian speciality that required lots of calories 🙂 or Turkish coffee, you get the drift.

When my daughter entered into his life, it was interesting. When she first met him she definitely went all “danger stranger” on him. But his frequent visits had made my daughter feel very comfortable around him, and next thing you know she would throw a fit when he would leave. He does have a way with kids though, he is a Godfather to 4 kids!


At my kiddo's Post-Birth Co-ed Baby Shower.

At my kiddo’s Post-Birth Co-ed Baby Shower.

He has been there for all my milestones and my kiddo’s so far. So when I heard he got a job promotion and is moving cross country with his wife, I was shocked. I guess it is true-live life to the fullest, and never take those close to you for granted (which I didn’t). Because you just never know when you will see them again. People are moving around more nowadays, and finding your career outside your doorsteps is typical.

So this past weekend we met up one last time to check out Open House Chicago, a city wide event where buildings and homes were open to the public for viewing which normally wouldn’t be. There were quite a few in my neighborhood which was convenient. We then stopped by for coffee at my favorite coffeehouse Metropolis.

I wish him much luck and success in his new job and move, he is also a newlywed so he is definitely taking on some new adventures. I am not surprised, he has always been known to take the plunge with every opportunity that he is presented with.

We will miss you over here in Chicago, and we hope you visit. We also WILL visit as well.

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