Weekend Recap

Hi there! It’s been awhile!

I have been real busy at work thus the reason I only posted once last week. This week may look like the same. Bear with me. Once I get over it I will soon be adding more posts, maybe even possibly a third post.

That third post (sigh). I can never get that one in. I have some good ideas for it though so you might see one coming up soon. I am trrryyyyying over here.

This past weekend we went to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s in the burbs since the weather was so nice (70s!) to play in their backyard. Although I have access to pretty decent space for my kiddo to play in, nothing beats just letting your kiddo run around a backyard and just sitting back with a coffee and relax. Usually I have to join her otherwise out here in da city.

There is also an abundance of fall trees and leaves just littering people’s lawns, including my parent’s yard, so we let the kiddo go at it and jump in them. You have to jump in leaves at least once as a kid (or maybe the next 10 years), you are only young once.





We also did a quick lunch trip to Chik fil-a-have you been there? They opened one not too long ago by their house and grandma and the kiddo have never been. My toddler is super picky when it comes to eating meat so chicken tenders is about the closest she will ever get to eating so. And she chose fruit over the waffle fries-who doesn’t like waffle fries! At least she is choosing to eat healthy. 🙂

So that was it really on our end, how was your weekend? Counting down now to Halloween! Hope you all got your costumes and trick or treat bags almost ready to go!

Have a good week! xo


  1. I love Chik-fil-A! We first met a number of years ago when we lived in Virginia. I love their chicken strips and waffle fries! A nice change of pace from the burger thing!!