The great city vs suburbs debate.

It’s been a cool but at least a dry weekend.  So far so good. Yes, weather is a big topic here in the Windy City. So are Da Bears.

During the first two years of life, I was super paranoid about taking the kiddo out in 35 degree weather. But now that she is a little older, taking her out is a must. So I try to make it fun and brief.

We took short walks to the library, the pizzeria, and to grab some two for one holiday drinks at our neighborhood Starbucks (love!). It was enough to get the cabin fever out of her.

Hold the ice please.

Hold the ice please.


During our condo Halloween Party few weeks ago, there was two sets of families with small children that were discussing with me about living in the city vs suburbs. The one family, with two small school aged children, have been able to navigate the school system and said they are satisfied and like living in the city.

The other couple with the toddler are considering leaving the city because they want the big backyard,worried about the schools,and don’t think it’s worth it, and would never imagine in a million years that they would be considering moving out of the city.

Two different points of views, two sets of beliefs on where we should raise kids.

I really want to give this city living a try for awhile. I am running into more and more parents that are living the city life with toddlers in tow. So I don’t feel so alone, just wasn’t sure if they were out there, but they are out there in full force.

All my friends who became parents live in the suburbs, not one of them has even tried or considered living in the city as a parent. They are lovely people but it is very difficult to connect with them since we live so far apart.

I haven’t tried making mom friends out here, and it may be high time to do so. I need to step out of my comfort zone. I tried to sign up for some meetup groups, but they meet during the day, so they cater more to stay at home moms.

Of course we get the question from time to time: “so would you ever consider living in the suburbs?” That is a difficult one to answer at this time. We are so super comfortable living here now and have made ourselves a home.

We got to know our neighborhood really well and we have everything at our fingertips: restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, gyms,pharmacies,banks,parks, you name it. There are tons of family activities that are just a bus or a train ride away.

If we want to head to the suburbs to a big box store like Walmart or Sam’s Club or a Babies R Us, or even our Chicagoland Ikea, we are a short car ride away actually. In fact, my daughter’s pediatrician is minutes from the borderline. So we have the best of both worlds.

I’m sure the first thing that city parents do when a baby is first born and they are going through Chicago traffic as they head home from the hospital is: what the heck are we doing out here?

For those parents: breathe! Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and you’d be surprise how much of a community feel they have. I can see living in the heart of downtown can be a little intimidating and unrealistic, unless you are Bill,Guiliana and baby Duke Rancic, our claim to fame celebs who bought a Chicago home in the Gold Coast.

So does your family live in the city or know families that do? How’s it going? Do tell in the comments below! 








  1. I definitely know people who are raising their kids in the city. We started out in the suburbs and never let ourselves have the fun of the city experience. I guess both have their good qualities. I tell my husband that my “I’ve won the lottery” dream would be to have our house in the suburbs AND a condo in the city so we could have the best of both worlds. He says that kind of condo in the city is called a hotel.

  2. Ha! Something my husband would say lol. It would be considered a “vacation home” if ya can get one next to the beaches :-p If we ever move and it’s feasible,we’d like to keep our condo as a “vacation” home-it’s SO close to the lake!

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