Winter calls for creative times with a toddler.

I know winter technically does not start officially until December 21st, but who are we kidding-it has been 30 degrees and even cooler here in Chicago,so I declare the war on Winter early.

And with cold weather comes the challenge of keeping a curious toddler occupied during these months. This past weekend I was planning an outing with the kiddo that didn’t work out because I chose to drive to the destination instead of taking the bus. That was a mistake because this particular neighborhood I was trying to go to had absolutely NO parking by the time I got there around noon. That was the earliest I could have made it.

When being a mom to a toddler, you must always always have a plan B. Always have that change of clothes and emergency snacks.

So note to self: take the bus next time. I will get there at one point or another.

We ended up heading to Barnes and Nobles, and I had NO idea they had weekend events for children. We happen to stumble upon a puppet making event and storytime here on Saturday so that helped occupy the little one for sure:


The built in Starbucks/B&N Cafe didn’t hurt either. The kiddo immediately saw the chocolate cupcake. We do cupcake excursions at least once a month:



Sundays are usually reserved for grocery shopping at Whole Foods so that is another fun way to get the kiddo out of the house.

I am embracing this cold as much as I can and try not to worry about how cold it is for the kiddo.

I am also anticipating, if all goes well, to send my kiddo over to her grandparents for a week. I am not sure how ready she is but she has gotten used to visiting their house. I think it would be fun for her and a great way to bond with the grandparents.

This way, it would give mom and dad a MUCH NEEDED break. I am lacking in the sleep department between working full-time and taking care of her.

If any parent out there has ever sent their small kids to the grandparents’ for an extended period of time, how did it go? Please share in the comments below! 



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