Swedish American Museum and my family’s Swedish connection.

Hey there! Hope you had a fun filled, food filled Thanksgiving Weekend! I only bought one item during Black Friday a la online shopping and then just ventured out to some of my local favorite eateries for Shop Small Business Saturday.

It was a glorious weekend here in Chicago so the kiddo and I hopped on the bus and trekked our way to the Swedish American Museum in Andersonville.

The third floor has a Children’s Immigration Museum where kids can explore and play with Swedish artifacts and a replica boat with some history attached to how the Swedes settled here in America 100s of years ago.

There were log cabins, make believe farms, and you can even dress like a Pioneer.





If you had a chance to read my About page,  I mention that my family are immigrants from Macedonia. However, we do have a connection with Swedish immigrants. My great grandfather came to America during his teens on a boat during the early 1900’s, and settled in Minnesota with a Swedish Immigrant family. They took him in as one of their own.

At that time immigrants were recommended to change their last name to increase their chances of obtaining a job, and he took on the last name of Jensen, which was a Swedish last name but not as foreign as his former last name.

He then joined the US Army and fought in WWII. I always loved hearing that story from my family and we hope to continue to pass that story onto our children and so forth! It’s so interesting how he came here.

If you ever have a chance to do Ancestor.com or research your family origins, do it. For us, we didn’t have to go back too far considering my parents are from the Old Country, but there was still a lot of history unfolded regardless. It is very interesting to know where we all came from and how our families gave up so much to come to this country.