Revival Social Club

Hope you had a happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Even though it is not until the 17th, Chicago celebrated in full force on Saturday with dyeing of the Chicago river green and also celebrating well into Sunday.

I for one did not participate in the festivies all that much and laid pretty low. I did the whole getting lost in the crowd on this day awhile ago but it’s not for me nowadays. I spent my weekend running errands and attending a kid’s birthday party on Sunday and just stayed in the neighborhood.

However, on Saturday my husband and I did spend some time walking in our neighborhood to bask in this wonderful weather we’ve been having and made our way to this restaurant that is literally steps outside our door called Revival Social Club.

We went a little on the late side, around 10ish pm,and it seemed people have not made their way back from the city festivities,so we had the whole place to ourselves,which meant more attenion paid to us-hooray!

This restaurant is known for their innovative spririts and cocktails,unique coffees,and fusion dishes. The place has a rustic feel to it which made it feel so cozy inside.

We both started off with ordering drinks,and since it was St. Patrick’s Day, one of the specials at Revival was the Irish Mule. I have to say it was STRONG. I had paused and waited until my food came out before I continued to sip on it, it was pretty much knocking me off of my feet. Either that or I am getting old  🙂 What I loved about this drink also was that it came in this pretty cute copper mug which was a different twist to taking in a drink,and kept ice from melting-love it.



We then went on with pretzel rounds as an appetizer. These bites were so soft and chewy at the same time and served with a light cheese sauce. I had to control myself so I can snap a pic of it before they were all gone! They were so good:


For the main dish I went with the Elevated Grilled Chicken-it was served on a sesame bun and had manchego cheese,grilled apple,prosciutto,and tomato relish. Of course, I went with the side of fries since I am a sucker for them but this was also offered with a side of salad, or dill fingerling potato salad:



Sincere apologies for the low grade photos-the place had low dim lights and I adjusted the photos as much as possible without completely changing them. For you food bloggers who take photos in low dim lighting please give me some tips! It seems pretty tricky doesn’t it? Had I used a flash they would have came out worse, so I settled to just do some photo editing. I for one actually like the ambience that low dim lights provide, but can make it challenging for taking photos.

I actually didn’t expect to bring you another restaurant post this week but here we are. We figured since everyone else was out and about, it was worth checking this place out. I have been meaning to check it out because it literally is in plain view from my condo lobby and never made my way around to it, so this past weekend was the perfect time to do so.



  1. Looks like a great place! I got to see lots of pictures of the Chicago River which will have to tide me over until next year! I saw a tweet from someone who flew into Chicago over the weekend and showed a picture of the river from the air – so cool!!
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