Free Community Store Events for Children

As a mom to an almost three year old, it is a must that we always come up with activities to keep her occupied. You have taken them to the park already for the day or the weather is pretty crummy so going to the park is not always possible.

However, children are a big business which means lot of places do charge admission. Sometimes, these are unavoidable and us parents are willing to pony up the money for our children so they can have well rounded experiences and not be cooped up at home all day.

But if you are in a pinch sometimes and want to take a break from paying to take them to a playcafe or museum, here are a couple places that offer free community events:

Barnes and Noble:

B&N offers free in store community events for children. I like their events because they are mainly on the weekends, and for working parents like myself,this fits our schedule. They also offer storytime,and do crafts for the kids, it’s pretty cool.




Pottery Barn Kids:

I just stumbled upon this one myself. Every Tuesday, Pottery Barn Kids has a weekly storytime event for the kids. They offer diy project events for kids as well and other activities.


The Land of Nod:

This store offers free events during the week as well as weekends. Activities include storytime,children’s musicians,and holiday events. When I tell parents about this store they are often surprised since they had no idea but yea, check it out!


Please make sure you check your local stores for specific details and to confirm dates and times,they usually are all around the same time but it can vary. And just a disclaimer,these are places that I have personally have either attended or just stumbled upon. I know for a fact that there is no admission charge for these events.


There was one time where Land of Nod was doing a Valentine’s Day photo shoot where kids can take pictures with a local photographer and although the session was free, I was told we would have to purchase the pictures from the photographer. The rest of the event was free though.

So do your own research. But for the most part, the point of these events is to get all the local kids and parents together, and most likely a marketing strategy to get parents in the stores and consider taking a look at their products that they sell at the store. Their focus is not on trying to make more money on these particular events.

If anyone else knows of any other free community events please share! I would love to know about them.



  1. I do take my kids to B&N to just hang out every once in awhile. More recently, we made it part of our routine to go to the local library and check out books. The librarian there said we could check out as many books as we could carry, so I do just that! It’s so nice to take home so many books especially since our 6 year old is reading now. They have nice activities there, too – computer games, puzzles, board games. It’s like B&N without the coffee shop and you don’t have to pay to get books!
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    • Chi City Mom says:

      I love love love the library! That one is a given to take your kids to occupy their time. These stores that offer free events are pretty cool because there is no pressure to buy anything! They seem to be ok to letting you stay as long as you want.

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