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Hi Monday! This past week went fast and this past weekend even faster.

Sorry for being MIA-my husband has taken over the Mac this whole past week studying for an important test,so I had no choice but to just let him have the computer. Sounds like we need another Mac don’t we ๐Ÿ™‚ #aintgonnahappen

Last week we went out for my hubs birthday and unfortunately the weather was anything but spring like. Fortunately though, we live in a neighborhood where we have restaurants literally from the view of our balcony. He didn’t want the usual burger and pizza or Mexican so we opted for this place across the street called Sushi Thai.

Sushi Thai is an interesting concept that calls itself a Japanese and Thai fusion restaurant. It has both a Japanese menu including Sushi and a Thai menu so there are plenty of choices for everyone. It is also BYOB but of course I forgot to bring the booze so we just had drinks and cake after we came back home.

And I don’t know how much longer I can do these restaurant reviews with the hubs because picturing food on our restaurant outings is bugging the heck out of him! 1st world blogging problems I know. But I did manage to take a couple shots.

So for the appetizer we went with the Sampler Special-which basically is an array of Satay,golden crabs,shrimp rolls,pot stickers,fish cakes,egg rolls,and vegetable tempura. It was quite the plate:





I also got the Tom Kha soup with chicken and mushrooms cooked in a spicy savory broth of lime juice,coconut milk,galanga root and lemongrass. For it being 35 degrees that night, it was the PERFECT soup. My husband got the usual Won Ton soup and raved about it as well.

I had the Woon Sen Pad Thai as an entree with stir fried glass noodles,egg,bean sprouts,scallions and added chicken, my husband simply went for the vegetable fried rice.


I then steered away from Thai food and opted for a Japanese strawberry soda,since I never had one before. I am not a soda lover but foreign sodas entice me once in awhile because of their natural ingredients and they contain REAL sugar. It was so fun to open up because I had to twist the cap off and then push it down so the marble inside can drop. The bottle then fizzed like champagne,it was pretty cute:




The place is modern,sleek,and I appreciated the deep house music they played throughout the place,which made it such a relaxing cozy dining experience as we wait until Spring time comes around here.














  1. This looks delicious. I am always on the lookout for good Japanese food here in Phuket and rarely find it… if only they had a Sushi Thai here. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love Tom Kha Gai! It’s great. lately I have been on a soup kick (despite the 40 C degrees and 100% humidity), I think the spicy hotness makes me sweat more and cool off. Although sometimes I feel sorry for the people around me with my profuse sweatiness haha.
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  2. My husband gets annoyed when I take pictures of the food because then he cannot eat it right away! Glad you got a few shots in – it looked amazing! I’m allergic to seafood, though, so I stay away from sushi restaurants. Happy bday to your hubs!
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