The Truth About Essential Oils: Interview with Aromatherapist Aneta Ujcik.



Happy Monday everyone! Do I have a treat for you today-I am interviewing Aneta Ujcik, Social Worker turned Mom of three and Aromatherapist for Young Living Essential Oils. I have always been intrigued about essential oils and natural living all together and I am sure there are many others interested in this topic. Read below the questions I asked her and get informed about alternate ways of taking care of yourself and your family. Just a disclaimer though that any questionable condition or disease should still be referred to your family doctor or specialist. Also this is not a sponsored post, but a good friend of mine who was willing to take her time out of her busy schedule to sit down and answer these questions for us. With that being said, let’s begin.


1. So how did you get into essential oils? What inspired you?


Essential oils from Young Living became my passion when I realized that they help me curing my children from the different illnesses that they were struggling with. My older son was getting constantly sick getting colds, Bronchitis or even Pneumonia. We were going from doctors to doctors getting antibiotics and steroids for breathing problems. We tried different kind of remedies but nothing seemed to work for him.
I felt helpless and frustrated because none of the ways of treating him worked for him and felt bad for him because he could not enjoy his childhood like other kids. When I was introduced to essential oils from Young Living, I started applying them on my son’s feet and the effects were amazing. My son stopped coughing when I massaged oils into the receptors on his feet. I could not believe it because the results of using the oils were immediate. Now my whole family uses essential oils from Young Living every day.   All of the products are 100 % natural, safe to use (no chemicals ) and very affordable (saves a lot of money). I love the fact that I know what I have in my own products. I control it and I know it is safe to use them on my family.


2. For those people who have never heard of essential oils, can you give a brief overview of what they are and how it works? 


Everything has an electrical frequency. The human body has 62-68 MHz. Human brain has from 72-90 MHz. When we get cold, the frequencies drop to 58 MHz, when we have flu it drops to 57 MHz, Cancer is at 42 MHz; death begins at 25 MHz. The frequencies of essential oils range from 52-320 MHz.  By using essential oils, we increase our electromagnetic frequencies making us feel better. They are the only products that have such high frequencies.


We only use essential oils from Young Living because they are 100 % natural, safe and therapeutic. Essential Oils are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, immune supporting and regenerative. They are relaxing, uplifting, enhance clarity of thought, and support emotional well-being. Each essential oil contains several to several hundred different kinds of molecules, each of which offers benefits in promoting good health, healing, and regeneration.




3. WOW-interesting! Can you give me some examples of how you incorporated essential oils into an everyday product (for example lotions,etc).


Essential oils can be applied to the skin, inhaled, diffused in the air, added to bath water, added to food and drinking water and be taken internally in place of pharmaceutical medications. We make our soaps, body lotions, scrubs, laundry detergents and body splash – all of them include essential oils.
4. Which essential oil is your favorite and why?


I have several essential oils that are my favorites but one of them is very special to me. It is called Thieves-it is so anti-bacterial and anti-viral that its properties are stronger than penicillin. It is like a natural antibiotic. This oil contains cinnamon bark, clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus radiata. When we experience stomach flu or cold symptoms, we apply the oil to our feet or we take it internally to get rid of the bacteria. This oil saved us many times from going to doctors or feeling worse.




5. That’s amazing!  For those who want to learn more about essential oils, and are even interested in purchasing, can we go through you? What would be the best way to contact you?


I run seminars called ” Introduction to Essential Oils ” – which talk about the oils and how to start using them in everyday products. The best way to contact me for more information is via email


Will do! Thanks so much for your time to do the interview Aneta!


Thank you Deanna for the opportunity writing this for you. It was a pleasure to do it for you!


  1. These essential oils are everywhere! I hear awesome things about their healing powers, but have not tried them myself. Great interview and good luck to Aneta on her endeavors 🙂
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    • Chi City Mom says:

      Thanks! Yea I hear a lot about them too and learned a lot, I really want to get into them too because I am all about natural alternatives for my family. The biology of it all was pretty interesting to know!