Closet Cleanout


Would you believe this-this past Saturday it rained all day and the temps went down to 46 degrees! I can hear my husband grumble in the next room how miserable this weather has been here in Chicago. I just took a step outside earlier for a brisk walk and although the sun returned on Sunday, it is still chilly out there.

What gives Chicago?

So I ended up doing a closet clean out since I figured might as well with this weather and all.

Before when I would do closet clean outs I have to admit, they were pretty weak. I had wanted to keep eeeeeverything. And I would take out one thing at a time from the closet. I knew I had to change my strategy. Armed with cup of coffee at bay and some deep house music from Mix Cloud, I did this:



This usually gives me anxiety to see it all in one pile but I had to rip everything out of the closet so that I can just start purging. And I did. I got rid of a lot of sweaters that I am going to give away amongst other items that I haven’t worn in years.

So this blog is supposed to also incorporate some style to it, and I have not pulled the trigger on this one really. Well partly because my husband, unlike other bloggers who have very patient husbands to take style photos for them, refuses to participate in this activity. He hates photo taking to the core. So much for him being my photographer. So bummed out 🙁


But I have someone in mind who has volunteered so this inspired me to clean my closet out and see what pieces I can start photo shooting with! I am not going to be a full-time fashion blogger due to time constraints with my job and kids, but my goal for now is to try to post a style post at least once a week.

I think this is why a lifestyle blog is the most fitting for me because I have to be able to switch it up due to my schedule and family committments. But I heart these fashion blogs for real. And a lot of these are moms actually-you go guys!


And I read an interesting fashion blog recently that is unlike any others I have read where style really doesn’t have to break the bank, and no, it’s not with thrifting or even vintage. Not even going to Marshall’s or Tj Max either (although you can). More on that later! Don’t want to spoil it!

I think cleaning out my closet gave me the energy that I needed, you do feel productive and refreshed-my husband and I ended up meeting up with a couple for some good Italian food on the far Northwest side that evening, the rain subsided, and it ended up not being a total washout after all.