Less is more.


Hey hey! How’s it going?! Memorial Day weekend is coming up real soon-I can’t believe it! Soon the beaches will be flooded with residents and tourists alike. Summer time in Chicago is like no other, and it makes you appreciate it A LOT because we have to put up with such long winters.

Since I spent the weekend mostly outdoors with this heatwave we are having, I really have not much to say. I have been in chill mode with spending time at our neighborhood beer garden patio at least once a week so far-if you ever are in Edgewater, Moody’s Pub is the place to be!

It’s pretty dark to take pics there at night, so I would check them out online and see for yourself, or better yet, head there when the weather is warm, it’s lovely, and super cheap! You can eat and drink for two and spend well under $50 bucks, kid you not!

As I spent my weekend taking walks along the beach, I couldn’t help think how much I want to live a much more simpler life. I am already in some ways living it with purchasing less house and being a one car family. But much more can be done.

My neighborhood just got a Whole Foods and the place gets packed! I can easily walk over there whenever I want. There goes my paycheck lol. But no really, it’s awesome.

But of course when you think Whole Foods you think=expensive. I hear ya, some of those prices can really put you in a shock. Organic is the way to go and I think purchasing healthy foods is still so worth it.



So I know if that’s the case, something’s gotta give. Don’t get me wrong,I love ooooing and awwwwing over the latest styles in fashion but I think you can still be fashionable without breaking the bank so I am working on that.

Also this way, I can spend my money more on things that can keep me healthy which can cost more, but you end up still somehow not spending that much money all around. Like essential oils that I really am considering buying to maintain my overall health.

The key is to purchase pieces that may cost more but will last me longer so technically I will save more at the end,but still not have a huge closet full of unwanted items based on impulse buying,which can add up.

I am at a point in my life where I rather do this than buy a whole bunch of trendy pieces that I will only wear once and then won’t feel like wearing anymore. Plus my taste is changing. Which is why I did a closest cleanout not too long ago. I am getting ready to donate a WHOLE bunch of stuff here.

The truth of the matter is, we live in a very capitalistic society. Sometimes yes, it’s hard to avoid all the hype of materialism, especially right here in Chicago, but especially in America.

I still love the city life, but living with less, you can actually live more. I’m talking about spending more on experiences like taking a photography class, or heading to a concert at Soldier Field, taking a Yoga class, or even going to a Sox game (or going to a Cubs game, hey, whatever floats your boat).




  1. One of the things I miss most from the States is Whole Foods. We used to eat about 90% organic and bought all our groceries at Whole Foods. No we aren’t millionaires, but when I compared the prices to those at Safeway or other grocery stores, Whole Foods was actually cheaper for organic goods! Their brand, I think its called 365 or something, is a great way to get good food at good prices. Man, I miss them so much. LOL
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    • Ah yes the 365 brand is not bad at all! I am in there everyday now that I live 5 minutes walking distance. This is why I am reorganizing what is important to me so I can invest more on our family’s health!

  2. A Whole Foods in walking distance? I can’t imagine. It does get packed even out here in the country but the parking lot is part of the stress. And I have two little ones. So I’d love that simpler life of walking there!
    I got started with essential oils early this year!
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    • Yea I hate parking lots too! And driving around with kiddo I hear ya-and you have two! Makes things easier to be walking distance to everything. The closest Whole Foods before was 30 Minutes by car and it was such a pain when I was making her baby food.
      Glad you are getting into the oils! I am right behind ya-can’t wait to try them!

      I am
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  3. You are a wise gal! I, too, have learned that I’d rather spend money on experiences than on articles of clothing that, 10 years from now I will see in a picture of myself, and say “What was I thinking??”.
    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!
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    • Thank You I will! Good thinking on your part as well! I want to live as natural of a life as possible and enjoy it more as well,because I know years from now I will still talk about those trips I have taken and adventures and other experiences. Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
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