My First Blogger(ish) Event in 2015.


Hiya there-how’s it going? If you haven’t heard, the Blackhawks are going to the Stanley Cup Finals! Go Hawks! Hockey seems to unite this city more than anything because the Bears are a lost cause and we divide when it comes to baseball.

But when they win I need to request a PTO when they bring the cup home, last time the whole city downtown was on lock down and public transportation was far and few between-I would like to eventually get home after work. I know, I am such a party pooper!

Well anyways in other news-I FINALLY joined the Windy City Blogger Collective! It’s a group of amazing Chicago Bloggers that get invited to a variety of events and help bloggers with great opportunities. It’s also a great way to connect with the Chicago blogging community here.

I have not gone to a blogging event in a loooooooong time. So when I was invited to attend a rooftop event at EPIC, I noticed it was only two bus stops en route going home from work, so I figured  hey, why not-my first blog event as a Windy City Blogger-sweet!

And I knew a handful of bloggers that is a part of this group so I figured I’d run into them, and a great way to start meeting new Chicago bloggers.

I was greeted by the door by a serious but polite bouncer and I noticed the sign said it was closed for an exclusive event-I felt so special!

Soon as I got upstairs to the rooftop I zipped my way to the bar where they had an exclusive drink menu of complimentary cocktails. I had a vodka and orange mix with mint that was pretty good and refreshing on a warm 80 degree day.




I then started to realize that this event was not exclusively for Windy City Bloggers, but was for a variety of local peeps that have been personally invited to this event. I overheard a group of ladies who were asking each other what the hashtags were for this event, and how to upload on instagram, so I thought great, they must be bloggers!

Me: Hi! Are you gals from Windy City Blogger Collective?

Them: Oh no, we aren’t! But the guy running this event might know, if you can find a tall skinny blonde guy that would be him!

Me: Uh, ok, thanks, sorry, I overheard you talk about hashtags and all, figured you were bloggers.

Them: Oh no, we aren’t!

I soon realized that I really didn’t know anyone here-can we say awwwwwkward.

My mind started going through random thoughts on how this post is not going to be what I had expected.

I left after 45 minutes. Ah well. I tried.

But it was really funny when you think about it. I am not one to go to events alone and it took me courage to do so. I had to give myself that.

I think next time I will make sure  that I know at least one person there.

And maybe it was too big of an event for the first time, so I think the next event I am going to go to will be the more smaller intimate venues that I get invited to so I can have a better chance of meeting my fellow Windy City Bloggers. I’ll try that.


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