My First Cab Ride Experience with Chicago Cabbie


Photo c/o Chicago Cabbie

So this mama was able to step out this past Saturday night for another girl’s night out-whoo hoo! Although I have to admit, I can’t hang like I used to. Part of it could have been too because I had gone to Indiana super early in the morning to see my brother’s new baby-yes, I am officially been an Aunt since April,and due to schedule conflicts I couldn’t go out to see her sooner. I am in love though let me tell ya! Babies are the best.

So another mama and I met up this past weekend at the Pump Room for cocktails and to catch up. I have been wanting to check this place out for awhile. We ended the night by stopping over by Luxbarย and had some late night bar grub,which was pretty good.

Both places are in the Gold Coast Neighborhood. The Gold Coast/Rush St area of Chicago is a fun area to go to when you are kind of over the whole club scene but still want a lovely night out on the town in the city. I encourage you to check this area out if you happen to be in Chicago.


One of the things that everyone struggles here in the city is parking, or the cost of it. Also, my friends, let’s not drink and drive. I am a mom to a daughter so now that I am responsible for another human being, I really need to be even more careful when I am out there.

I try to use the buddy system in Chicago whenever I can and left the Pump Room a little early so that we can kind of be more in the central part of the neighborhood where there was a lot more people out and about.

Not wanting to take the late bus home alone either (after all I was in a skirt and heels), I turned to a fantastic service that combines social media and cab service to anywhere you need to go in Chicago or to our airports. Enter Chicago Cabbie. By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I really just wanted to tell you about my experience using Chicago Cabbie!

It’s really easy-we are always on our smartphones anyways right? All you do is Tweet Chicago Cabbie by sending him a direct message and request to be picked up from your location. It’s that simple! Luckily for me, the stars were aligning that night, because he happened to be in the area and was already at the front door before I could barely sign off on my bar tab-now that’s quick!

And this is not just any taxi that you get picked up in, but a sleek,luxurious, black Lincoln car instead, talk about style! It was fun because he addressed me as “Chi City Mom” at first and we started talking about Social Media including what we most struggle with, what we like about it, etc. It was kind of cool being able to talk about social media to your cab driver, how often can you do that!

Chicago Cabbie also provides free wifi, and get this-accepts credit cards! You know what I mean, you get in a cab and had used up all of your cash for the night and you are only left with a credit card,which taxi drivers don’t usually accept. Yup, Chicago Cabbie accepts credit cards.

Ride services have sprung up here and there all over major cities across the US. But here in Chicago, I highly recommend Chicago Cabbie, you won’t go wrong. I kind of get even anxious taking cabs too, so trust me on this one! I felt safe,comfortable and the price was reasonable. He will be upfront how much it will cost too. It’s really a great service.

Need a ride? Just DM Chicago Cabbie on Twitter @chicagocabbie. You can also follow him on Facebook, and on Instagram as well.


  1. That’s so cool! I’ve heard of Uber but this sounds a little more luxurious than that. Cheers to girls night out! Gold Coast is so fancy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Gracielle recently posted…Bye-Bye, Illinois…Hello, Florida!!!My Profile

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Yes it is! This was way better than Uber. I felt like a celebrity being picked up in front of Tavern on Rush lol. Gold Coast is indeed fancy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I used to live behind the Ambassador East Hotel in my single days. When my little nieces and nephews would stay overnight with their Auntie, I’d take them to the Pump Room for breakfast (they’d wake me up at 7 and say “we’re hungry” and I didn’t cook back then). They all live downtown now and tell me it’s because of the weekends with me that they were influenced to live a life downtown. Thanks for bringing up a good memory.
    mary beth at recently posted…Mix it up!My Profile

    • Chi City Mom says:

      Thanks for sharing! What a cute story! I believe it, I was influenced to live in the city after my first field trip in 6th grade to the Nutcracker Ballet and dinner at the Sears Tower. We were constantly going to field trips to Chicago in my earlier grade school years though, so that definitely inspired me to live out here one day!