AC Hotel and Tommy Bahama

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA last week, my posting days are usually Sundays and two Sundays ago, I was out in Indiana and also I had a dentist appointment that following Monday. I dreaded going but it’s one of those things where you had to go and get it done ya know? All part of being a grown up.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! I was in total chillax mode and had the good fortune of watching fireworks from the balcony,which were just as spectacular as heading to a crowded park to watch them.

Prior to this week however I had a pretty busy turn of events. Ever since I had joined The Windy City Blogger Collective, a group of fabulous bloggers here in Chicago,I have been given great opportunies to attend events and be involved in special projects.

The one I had been invited to was  a couple weeks ago at the grand opening of the AC Marriot Hotel. It was a fabulous event filled with European inspired food,cocktails,and a live dj set as well as a live Jazz set outdoors. It just so happened my girl friend from DC was in town so we both ended up going together and just catched up on everything-we had a blast! I learned my lesson at my first blogger event I went to where I really did not know anyone and how awkward it was.



The event also had a great photo opp so that you can create a picture for that event that you were then able to directly post to social media. Pretty clever:




The other one I went to was an event sponsored by few members of the Windy City Bloggers Collective at Tommy Bahama. They had a fun contest going on where you got to style an outfit and dress a window for a chance to win a prize. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, I give kudos to those who do Fashion Merchandising! If you remember this post here, I had mentioned that I want to do more style posts here at Chi City Mom and am working to bring that to my fellow readers. The idea has been swirling in my head, just now have to establish the photographer to get things going here.




One of the bloggers hosting was actually Zahra from Love Zahra, someone I had been following for a really long time and my all time favorite blogger. I even connected with her more when I won one of her giveaways which was really cool. I was a little nervous putting myself out there that night but I did managed to muster up the courage to introduce myself and it was smooth sailing from there.

I am kinda new to this group so I do not know too many bloggers yet, so it is intimidating, but she was really easy to talk to. Even prior to meeting she was super nice and easy to engage with online so it was not a surprise to me at all.  I also met a couple other great bloggers that I have been following as well as both of the founders of Windy City Blogger Collective.

So hopefully the more I go to these events the easier it will become to meet new people who have the same passion as I do which is blogging. It is truly a great experience being able to be part of a group like this! I hope to bring even better content to this site now that I am being exposed to all of the great things happening here in the city. I do have one review in the works that I was chosen to do which is a HUUUUUGE breakthrough here at Chi City Mom.

This blogging stuff is hard, but also very rewarding as it fuels your passion for writing,photography, and engaging with others, let me tell ya. Totally worth it!




  1. How fun! I wish there was something like this to do here in Phuket… it’s a small blogging community here, I think that there are about 5-10 of us (english speaking ones at least).
    Can’t wait for the huge breakthrough post coming up. 🙂

    • Chi City Mom says:

      It definitely is…especially in a city of Chicago that is full of things to do!

      Yes, it’s a review but it’s taking me awhile to get through it,will definitely post once I am done with it!