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Hi! I’m Deanna and welcome to my blog. I am a wife and mom to a very active girl who was born in 2012. She brings me joy every single day. I’m also a Medical Social Worker, so I created this blog as a creative outlet to the world on life in a large city with a family in tow.

So how did I end up in Chicago? I grew up in a suburban Midwestern town and have always wanted to live in Chicago since my first field trip to Chicago in 6th grade. Many years later, I moved to Chicago to attend Graduate School at Loyola University. I have always made my trek to the city because it wasn’t too far from where I lived. However, I soon realized after I moved here for school that living here and visiting are totally two different things. Regardless, I fell in love with the vibe and the scene of city living and have stayed ever since. I met my husband here in 2008 and we married in October of 2009.

Photo by Daniela Dukleska Photography


Growing up, I used to write short stories and poems for fun, and loved to read. A lot. Always have. I even won an author contest in fourth grade. That went away when college term papers and lectures took over my life so I am really glad to get back into it again. I had a personal blog but was just writing as a hobby whenever I had free time. I have many interests and found that a lifestyle mom blog is most fitting to me. This is such an exciting time for me as a parent and I am really excited to share this time with you all. Writing is therapeutic-as a Social Worker, we are always advising that journaling your thoughts can benefit the mind and soul.

Here I will blog about my family and our adventures. Also, recipes, reviews, cool events and places around Chicago and beyond will appear on this site. I will also blog about tips and finds that help manage and enrich family life.


Photo by Daniela Dukleska Photography


Although not one of the bigger fashion towns, Chicago still has a great fashion scene, so I will also bring some style to this blog as well, or at least try to. Having access to a variety of shopping  at my doorstep has helped me cultivate a love for fashion, and not always at my budget’s expense. I also love underground House music, so I may throw in some playlists now and then to help you get through your day.

What can I say, I have many interests! Variety is the spice of life 🙂

You can reach me by email at chicitymom1 [at] gmail (dot) com 

Thanks for stopping by!


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