Coming to Sweet Home Chicago.

Hi there, did I startle you? You must not have expected a blog post on a Saturday did you?

Well we are having are first snowfall of the season here in the Windy City so I am keeping it low key here on a Saturday morning, and after I grabbed myself a cinnamon roll from Ann Sathers to go (which you MUST try by the way), I thought I’d make a cup of coffee, and have a seat and try to remember to blog.

I guess you can say it is a combination of not being motivated, and being anxiously awaiting and preparing the home for my 3 and a half year old to arrive after being on an extensive stay at her grandparent’s in Europe as reasons why I haven’t been writing lately.

It almost felt like waiting for the arrival of a new baby execpt this time it was waiting for an arrival of a little one that has grown into a little lady, speaking a second language(she is officially bilingual),and officially out of diapers amongst other things.

When she arrived home in Chicago she immediately went to her toys she hasn’t seen in awhile (hello Disney Princess Castle and Little People!) even though it was 11pm. The girl was a chatterbox the whole ride home from the airport,in her newly learned second language. I am truly amazed.

When she had left she was pretty verbal but just a little over 2 and a half and speaking only English and still in diapers. Her grandparents who live here have been spending time with her recently while I go to work and they are just as impressed and amazed how much she has grown.

So far we have been having great adventures and she got to meet her new niece for the first time. It has been a bittersweet reunion.

Since I went ages without posting kid’s pictures on here, I will do so today, hope you don’t mind. 🙂

I am truly excited that she is here for the Holidays and looking forward to exploring what the city has in store and spending quality time with her.

First day back here,she loved the welcome balloon I got her:










Moody’s Pub and Friendships.

I am back! Sorry about skipping last week, but I was actually working on some style posts for you all! I finally was able to collaborate with a photographer to take pictures of me.

I don’t have the willingness of my husband to do any style photos like some bloggers,so it took me awhile to get my act together on this one and took some coordinating between the photographer’s schedule and mine.

So I am still working on those photos,choosing which ones that I like and hoping to start posting those soon!

In the meantime my weekends have been pretty laid back. Since I am downtown for the majority of the time due to work, I tend to just hang in my own ‘hood on the weekends. I haven’t been that adventurous when it comes to exploring the city these days, but I am ok with that.

If I do something outside my neighborhood, it’s usually after work since I am already downtown,since I am close to many shops and restaurants out there.

As a mom, it’s important yet challenging to connect with other moms,especially in a large city like Chicago. The majority of my mom friends live in the suburbs,and with such a hectic schedule, it’s pretty challenging to meet with those moms.

I know many moms thrive on having many mom friends or forming a huge circle of them in their own backyard. Sometimes though having a couple of them living nearby is just what you may need. A consistent support system that you know you can rely on to meet up with at a short time’s notice.

I have formed a friendship with such a mom who is only a hop skip and away from my home. We both have our own set of mom friends that live pretty far away that we do connect with but not on a daily or even weekly basis,so I am glad we found each other.

Our routine is to meet up every Saturday in the late afternoons while our husbands are at work. We live in neighborhoods adjacent to each other so we try to just come up with different ideas each time, whether it’s to hit up the beach in her neighborhood or hit up a restaurant in mine, such as Moody’s Pub, which I have mentioned quite a few times on this blog.

This time I was able to take a couple pics,since it gets awfully dark here at night! Moody’s Pub is a great place to go to in the summertime for their huge backyard patio that is filled with trees and surrounding walls that just shuts out all the noise and bustle of the city. It’s been my go to oasis all summer,and I have been able to go during more daylight hours this time around with my friend.

I ended up getting just a good ol’ cheeseburger with fries while my friend got a chicken salad.




I love the drinks here which you can get a pitcher of sangria or beer, or one of their featured summer drinks. We both ended up getting the “Heat Wave” which is peach schnapps,rum,pineapple juice,and grenadine.



This place you can easily just hang out for hours with good conversation, those are the best sometimes after a long week at work.

The city,which I love living in, can take a lot out of you let me tell you! Between work and the traffic and even the prices to entertain yourself, it’s great to know you can just walk down the street to your neighborhood water hole and just relax on the weekends,and with friends who are just a few steps away.