Sleeveless Chambray Shirt + Black Dress Shorts




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 Chambray shirt,Old Navy (similar)|Dress Shorts (similar)|Clog Sandals, Levi’s T Strap Sandals,(Levi’s)|Sunnies, Tory Burch|Black Clutch,Kenneth Cole (similar)|Leather Purse,Levi’s(similar)

Photos by: Dejan Dimkovski Photography

Hiiiiiii everyone! Oh man I totally fell off the blogger path these past couple weeks. Wrapping up summer and transitioning to Fall can get a little hectic sometimes you know?

But here in Chicago we have been basking in 80-90 degrees weather these past couple weeks and the entire Labor Day weekend,so I was able to pull this outfit off anyways,which was supposed to have been posted end of August but oh well, September usually starts off pretty warm anyways right?

Also, in my last style post, I was supposed to have been featuring these brown clog sandals that I got from Levi’s and I completely forgot to switch shoes and wear them! So my photographer suggested to go bold and just wear them with this outfit as well. If you want to take this outfit to a daytime look, the brown can work here. Not sure if I am feeling it though but I was willing to take the plunge and just do it.

And how about these black dress shorts? I love black dress shorts because you can wear them in a variety of ways, with heels or with t-strap sandals like I did above. They are from my favorite store called United Colors of Benneton which unfortunately has left the Chicago market. I was so bummed out because they really have great pieces and are of quality. They are more popular in Europe than they are in the US from what my foreign friends tell me. I do know their NYC and DC location is still there. Might have to make my way there one day!

Hope you had a great long weekend and looking forward to see what Fall has in store for us! As long as it doesn’t snow I am all for Fall lol. Have a great week! xo

$500 Target Gift Card Giveaway!

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Hey everyone! How did your Monday go? I usually write up my posts on Sundays,but lately I have been busy studying for an important test. As a social worker, I have gained enough post-graduate hours to now get another license that will allow me to provide therapy.

Let me tell you, it’s SO hard to study after being out of grad school for what will be going on 10 years! I do not know where the time went seriously! So the day that works for me well,at least for now, are Sundays. I try to make it interesting by visiting a different coffee shop and just hit the books. I actually live super close to a university so sometimes I’ll go there to help me get in the mood.

Also, I am frantically searching for a preschool for my 3 year old. Yea,wish me luck! Long story, which I can write a whole other post about. And I am not really keen on sending her yet, I can’t believe it’s that time! Soon she will be in college :-(.

Again, where.did.the.time.go.

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Sleeveless Chambray Shirt and Dark Florals.


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Sleeveless Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (similar)|Dress: Target (similar)|Purse: Levi’s (similar)|Sunnies: Tory Burch|Watch: Swatch|Necklace: Tiffany&Co|Prayer Bracelet (similar)|Sandals: Levi’s 

Photos by: Dejan Dimkovski Photography

Sorry for the late post! I had something that came up and was unable to work on it yesterday. More on that later. For this week, I am showing you how I am wearing the sleeveless chambray shirt to make a totally different look.

When people first look at this outfit they complement me on how much they love the “skirt”. Actually,it’s a dress! It has  spaghetti straps so it makes it real easy for layering so that it appears to be a skirt. You can do this to just about any sleeveless floral dress and convert it into a different outfit. It’s a great conversation starter.

I can see this dress also being worn with a longer chambray shirt paired with tights and boots to make an easy transition to fall. It’s got my wheels spinning as to how else I can wear this dress which will make for great future posts.

In the meantime I paired them with these T Strap sandals that I got a really good deal on-they are so comfortable and I have been wearing them all summer long.

I can’t believe we are changing seasons soon. It seems Summer was just here! Makes me sad thinking about it.

I love this outfit because it is appropriate for many occasions:a stroll in the park, for a day of shopping, an early dinner date on the patio, or even office appropriate if the policy is business casual.

And how about the sleeveless chambray shirt making a cameo again, really, it is the best investment I have ever made.

And the reason why I am a day late on this is because I am participating with some amazing bloggers on my first giveaway! Head on over to my instagram account at Chi City Mom  for more details on how you can enter to win a $500 Giftcard from Target for back to school!