Rakuten Marketing Event and Some Tips on Networking with Bloggers.



So here we are again, Monday,and the summer is starting to wind down. Have you noticed that the days are starting to get shorter? It’s happening already I’m afraid. Luckily we still have some time to cross off things from our summer bucket list!

This past Thursday, I attended an event put together by Rakuten Marketing for us Windy City Bloggers. It was a short walk from my work in the loop so I figured hey why not!

This is my third blogging event and if you recall my first one at Epic, I vowed to aim for the more smaller events I get invited to so that I can have a better chance of getting to know my fellow bloggers.

So if you are new to the blogging networking scene and don’t know where to start,here are some tips:

1. Do attend the smaller events as your chances of hitting up a conversation is greater. Sometimes those huge conferences or large events can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming for someone who just stepped into the blogging scene. I learned that first hand.

2. Don’t stress about it. My first event I attended I expected to meet all these new people so I tried really hard to dress the part and practice what to say. Even my second event I was expected to hit it off right off the bat with many well known bloggers. Don’t stress out about it and don’t expect that you are going to talk to everybody there.

3. Quality over quantity. Just as I mentioned above, as you start attending blogging events, don’t expect to talk to every single person there. Even if you meet two or three new bloggers and get to know them better, that is a great start! Eventually as you go along and go to more events,you will get to know more and more bloggers.

4. Be yourself. And don’t try so hard. Walk into the room and just go with the flow,and your relaxed and genuine demeanor will attract more than being aggressive.

Here are some photos from Thursday’s event with Rakuten Marketing. They held a great workshop for us Windy City Bloggers on how to monetize your blog. They talked about some tips I already knew,but there were some tips that I did not know,so I still learned a lot. There is always something to learn in the world of blogging whether you are a newbie or a veteran. I hope these tips above somewhat helped when you go to your next blogging event!






Chambray All The Way

2 (1)







  Sleeveless Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (similar)|Maxi Dress: Old Navy|Purse: Levi’s (similar)

 Sunnies: Tory Burch|Necklace: Tiffany & Co|Watch: Swatch|Prayer Bracelet: St.Kiril and Metodi (similar)


Photos by: {Dejan Dimkovski Photography}


Here it is, my first style post ever! I have blogged about fashion on this site here and there before but what I had really wanted to do was to do actual style posts. It’s been a long time coming but it’s here, at last 🙂

Of course, the day we did the shoot, it was super humid and windy. Of course! My dress and hair were just flying everywhere, but we did manage to get some good pics. I guess you cannot control the weather!

I spotted the sleeveless chambray shirt on a fashion blogger who does wardrobe capsules,which is basically choosing a certain number of pieces and then mixing and matching them to create different outfits. The intent is to just shop every three months and then swap out some of the pieces when the new season begins.

If you recall in an earlier post, I did a closet cleanout and eliminated a lot of clothes that I don’t care to wear anymore and incorporated a few pieces with what I had kept that I actually love and know I will wear. It was quite liberating to get the clutter out and embrace minimalist fashion.

But do you know how hard it was to find a sleeveless chambray button down shirt?! Everywhere I tried to look they were sold out! I went up and down Michigan Avenue and even hit up State Street to no avail. I scorched the internet and finally found one at Old Navy that was reasonably priced and in my size.

I had no idea how popular the sleeveless chambray was this summer. But I don’t blame them-this shirt is so versatile and goes with so many outfits,which I will show you in the next couple posts. Here, I styled it with a sleeveless long black maxi dress.

Add some accessories, and you are good to go. I paired this outfit with a tan bag that takes the outfit to a more daytime look, perfect for those lunch dates or daytime birthday parties.

So there you have it, my first style post! How did I do for a newbie? Go gentle on me lol! I had a lot of fun and honestly, I don’t know how these fashion bloggers do these EVERYDAY. And some of them are moms on top of it all!  I am aiming do to style posts about once a week, so we will see how it goes. Tune in next week as I style the sleeveless Chambray shirt with another outfit. Your support is greatly appreciated!











Moody’s Pub and Friendships.

I am back! Sorry about skipping last week, but I was actually working on some style posts for you all! I finally was able to collaborate with a photographer to take pictures of me.

I don’t have the willingness of my husband to do any style photos like some bloggers,so it took me awhile to get my act together on this one and took some coordinating between the photographer’s schedule and mine.

So I am still working on those photos,choosing which ones that I like and hoping to start posting those soon!

In the meantime my weekends have been pretty laid back. Since I am downtown for the majority of the time due to work, I tend to just hang in my own ‘hood on the weekends. I haven’t been that adventurous when it comes to exploring the city these days, but I am ok with that.

If I do something outside my neighborhood, it’s usually after work since I am already downtown,since I am close to many shops and restaurants out there.

As a mom, it’s important yet challenging to connect with other moms,especially in a large city like Chicago. The majority of my mom friends live in the suburbs,and with such a hectic schedule, it’s pretty challenging to meet with those moms.

I know many moms thrive on having many mom friends or forming a huge circle of them in their own backyard. Sometimes though having a couple of them living nearby is just what you may need. A consistent support system that you know you can rely on to meet up with at a short time’s notice.

I have formed a friendship with such a mom who is only a hop skip and away from my home. We both have our own set of mom friends that live pretty far away that we do connect with but not on a daily or even weekly basis,so I am glad we found each other.

Our routine is to meet up every Saturday in the late afternoons while our husbands are at work. We live in neighborhoods adjacent to each other so we try to just come up with different ideas each time, whether it’s to hit up the beach in her neighborhood or hit up a restaurant in mine, such as Moody’s Pub, which I have mentioned quite a few times on this blog.

This time I was able to take a couple pics,since it gets awfully dark here at night! Moody’s Pub is a great place to go to in the summertime for their huge backyard patio that is filled with trees and surrounding walls that just shuts out all the noise and bustle of the city. It’s been my go to oasis all summer,and I have been able to go during more daylight hours this time around with my friend.

I ended up getting just a good ol’ cheeseburger with fries while my friend got a chicken salad.




I love the drinks here which you can get a pitcher of sangria or beer, or one of their featured summer drinks. We both ended up getting the “Heat Wave” which is peach schnapps,rum,pineapple juice,and grenadine.



This place you can easily just hang out for hours with good conversation, those are the best sometimes after a long week at work.

The city,which I love living in, can take a lot out of you let me tell you! Between work and the traffic and even the prices to entertain yourself, it’s great to know you can just walk down the street to your neighborhood water hole and just relax on the weekends,and with friends who are just a few steps away.