Five Must Buys When You Shop At Aldi.

Although I shop at Whole Foods at least twice a week, I do still shop at all the other grocery stores. Just in my neighborhood alone I have four grocery stores, ranging from large to small mom and pop shops. The one that I live the closest to however, is good ol’ Aldi.

Infamous for being a store full of “generics” that has deterred grocer snobs away, that is really not the case nowadays. Believe it or not, I was able to get some VTech toys for Christmas from here, our balcony patio furniture, and so much more! I have a soft spot for Aldi , it’s my go to when I need that last minute stick of butter, or a quick taco meal for dinner. I grew up on Aldi (among other stores). They really do have great deals!

I know I can count on Aldi for many of their items. Not all items of course are worth buying, just as not all items are worth buying at other grocery stores too. I at least try to find the best deals around and some stores carry items way better than others whether it’s through the price or the quality.

Also, if you don’t know already here is a fun fact: Aldi and Trader Joe’s are from the same family that runs them! It was two brothers, the one who was in charge of Aldi just passed not long ago. Both stores hail from Germany which is pretty cool.

So I am here to tell you what are the five must buys that you HAVE to get when you shop at Aldi. Keep in mind some regions of the country may sell certain items that don’t carry in other parts of the country, but these are the common items that I have known that are worth buying.





1. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Say that 10 times over! The original hummus here is also a great grab that you can easily use  with pita chips, vegetables, or any other crunchy snack of your desire. Hummus is pretty pricey all around but Aldi nailed it in this department as far as price and quality goes.

2. Pumpernickel Bread: There are many products that are imported from Germany and this is one of them. Their Rye and Sunflower bread is also a great grab and healthy too-who knew?

3. Milagro Tortilla Chips: Probably the best tortilla chips around, these particular ones go for a dollar less than at Whole Foods, who also sells them. There are many, many types of tortilla chips that Aldi sells but these are by far the most authentic and contain the most basic ingredients.

4. Gourmet Cheese: Their selection of cheeses which are also imported from Germany and beyond has wowed me with their quality and taste.

5. Turano Bread: A Chicago brand favorite, these are cheaper than your big box stores who also sells it. What I like about the Turano brand is that they don’t use unbleached flour or hydrogenated oils in their ingredients.

So there you have it! Do you shop at Aldi? Have you tried these? What are your must buys at Aldi? I would like to hear your favorites.


Summer 2013 Review.

So Summer 2013 came and went. Um, ok, that was fast!

Ever since I can remember, I always compare the summer before last and  I put great pressure on myself trying to make the next summer even bigger and better.

Often times I find myself let down. I have to stop this! Each summer has had some great memories that I treasure as I look back every year.

I would have to say this summer I have definitely gotten into the groove of motherhood, somewhat, at least compare to last summer(there I go comparing!).

Last summer I was a ripe new mom, since M was born in May, and I remember it was 95 degrees in Chicago everyday May-August, which made it for horrible conditions for a newborn to take out in. By 10 am no joke, I had to head back indoors with the A/C on full blast before I could go out again with her late in the early evening.

This summer I was able to take M out more since it was much cooler and more comfortable. We did get quite a few warm days that made for great times at the beach. I live super close to the beach and the park so I was able to take full advantage of this considering Chicago summers only last 3 to 4 months.






We also took a road trip to Walled Lake, Michigan to see my cousin’s new baby. Michigan is also a great time during the summer. It was a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We also checked out a great crepe place in the ritzy part of a town called Birmingham. It was a fun time. M did so well in the car for the four hour trip.


How it can go from summer to fall-like weather in a matter of weeks-it is not just Chi Town that has bipolar weather.


We have a brand new library that opened in our neighborhood back in June and the first floor is dedicated to children’s books. We took many trips there this summer because nothing is better than summer reading. I am super excited that this library is now open and will be constantly checking out books well into the fall.

Despite the fact that we had multiple projects going on around the home, it was still a productive summer. I didn’t quite make it to downtown as I had liked, but with summers being so precious around here, I took full advantage of the nearby beaches and parks, a must if you have short summers like in Chicago. I consider it my own “backyard”.

Looking forward to fall and all its perks around here, which I am sure will make for some more great memories with the kiddo. Can’t wait.



Hello…Is This Thing On?

So here I am. My first blog post ever !

Feels good so far and it is definitely a whole new journey for me.

I have been contemplating on starting a blog for a really long time. I did have a casual blog in the past but I didn’t really put too much effort into it, I have to admit. I am still proud of it, however, because it has gotten me some opportunities to write for other blogs which gave me some practice and inspiration. Which is what finally brought me here.

I have always had a love and passion for writing, and as I got older, I realized that the creative side of me was not coming out enough. I missed writing and it’s a great time for cultivating that creative outlet into a blog.

Here is where I will journal about this new thing to me called motherhood. Such a learning curve. I am learning everyday. I am also trying to balance this new role of mine with my career, and my identity as a person who loves life in general.  One year and some months into it and I am still trying to do it all.

They say it’s not that you give up your identity when you become a mother, sure, some things have to be put in the back burner. It’s just another dimension of yourself instead. The latter sounds better. But there is that expectation to bring up a human being to be an upstanding citizen. If not all fingers will point to:


No pressure there.

Many bloggers have inspired me to start a blog. My current situation has motivated me to start a blog. My longing for  reading and writing again as I once enjoyed as a kid has pushed me to start a blog. I have so much to say and share.

However, this have inspired me to start a blog the most:

Couldn't get this girl away from watermelon this summer. I think this pic gives off such a "village girl vibe". The ethnic rug backdrop was pure coincidence.

Channeling her inner “village girl”. The ethnic rug backdrop was pure coincidence.


Something so tiny that can inspire someone to do great, amazing things is amazing in itself. Especially with all the influencers around the world.


And I hope I will be her inspiration one day.


This blog is dedicated to you, kid.